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Get your tap shoes on November 30, 2008

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All I have to say is WOW!

I miss tapping.


Hollywood Declares Themselves…

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Our responsibility…our right…our choice.
I hope you VOTED!

Now keep praying for our leadership. God can move the heart of a King.

Just cut out the cussing…


An old grain elevator and my imagination…

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In Stillwater, MN there is this place called PJ Ash, it is a rock climbing venue on the river.  Actually, an old grain elevator turned into a sweet rock climbing wall.  Each face on the inside has a wall for people to venture up. It rocks my face off. Lately, I have been really desiring an opportunity to climb.  I brought two harnesses, chalk, and shoes to Cairo and have yet to use them!  Not for lack of places either.  Southern IL has many sweet spots for climing outdoors and indoors on college campuses.


On Friday I had two community friends tell me about these old grain elevators in town near the levee wall…kind of tucked away.  No longer in use, but still structurally sound.  Of course my mind starts racing and I think of the high school students learning how to rock climb and experiencing the great outdoors in a way they never have (or have been too afraid).  Laurie took Heather and I out there yesterday morning and boy was I thrilled! This place was actually in the “woods”.  There are not many places like that in Cairo, where you feel you are in a forest of sorts.  There were three large structures near one another that would be absolutley  perfect for climbing surfaces.  So, Jesus, I call forth your resources if this is your dream.


PS Did I mention that God might be bringing a brother down to Cairo who has a heart for adventure/outdoor minsitry and has a degree in Rec. Management?!?  As the Spirit leads…



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Just finished watching The Matrix in the car on the way down to Biloxi and all I can say is, “This movie is PROPHETIC!”  It is paralleling the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the world.  I have seen the movie before, a while back and it really didn’t impact me that much.  Now watching it, I sensed such a profound message being shared with the audience.  We are coming to a place in our nation when communication with the Spirit will be key. It will be so important.  His sheep hear His voice. Amen.

I suggest you watch it again and ask the Lord to impart revelation to you about the coming days…and the present time.


Live Offensively November 28, 2008

A couple summers ago Kristy, Jess and I took a little road trip to South Dakota for a music festival to sell our Kingdom Fuel necklaces. While there we hooked up with some amazing people. Other folks who were selling “christian merchandise”. One really stuck out to me, this young guy about my age designs and sells t-shirts for a living. Really, he has lots of passions, and one of them is mobilizing youth for battle. I’m not talkin’ bout crazy Jihad stuff, I’m talking about the real spiritual battle we face everyday. Most saints don’t even recognize it in the first place, that’s where the enemy catches us off guard. If we don’t even believe we are in a battle, where is the sense of fighting? Check out Ephesians 6 if you are confused about all of this. The battle is NOT against flesh and blood – but against the principalities, the evil forces. Stand firm saints, the road is about to get rockier. Our nation is about to go through some difficult times. BUT, we know the ONE who has already claimed VICTORY over death and the grave. So, have no fear and walk in love as we see tribulations coming (Matthew 24).

Okay, back to this “Live Offensively”. This brother travels a ton ministering to youth – at schools, at music festivals, pretty much wherever the Lord opens a door, he’ll walk right through.

Recently I found the shirt in my closet that he had given me. We traded, some guitar pick necklaces for a shirt. Sounds like a deal to me! I love this shirt because it is pretty bold in your face.  I like the shock value.  People don’t expect me to wear a shirt that has the word, “porno” on it. 

(Every porno has somebody’s daughter in it)every-porno



I really want to get a couple shirts about being a Virgin and wear it at the high school here in Cairo when I am volunteering. A couple of the teen girls saw my anti-porno shirt and were wondering about the others that were sold on the website. I told them about the “Virginity Rocks” shirt, and one of the students said, “I want to where that to school!” Coming from a girl who has not committed her life to the Lord, a girl who is saturated with an environment that is completely sex crazed…pretty much a big deal! I told her that if I got permission from the principal (he should have no problem with it) that I would where the shirt on the same day that she wants to where it – making a statement. She said, “We need to have other girls where these shirts, we need to start something!” This was exactally my thought, get a bunch of righteous (only by the blood) students to where these shirts, declaring PURITY in the halls of Cairo High. Warfare baby! Remember, I’m talking about the spiritual warfare, no school violence here – only in the SPIRIT realm.


(I’m loving my husband and I haven’t met him!)

So, I had an idea…find people who want to support the teens in Cairo (remember, they are economically challenged) by purchasing a shirt or two (av. cost is 16 bucks) for them to where to school. Really, it WILL change something in the spirit realm and the natural realm. If you only heard what the boys say to the the girls and how they brag to their boys about you know what. It really makes my heart sad. Just the other day I was subbing and hanging out in the gym with some students. One boy was sitting with six girls and he began to call them “whores, sluts and Bs”. In front of ME, a teacher! What the heck? Seriously, there is a major demonic force at this school. The light of Christ is entering and crushing the enemy. After I told that boy to get out of my face, I calmed down and had a conversation with him about the power of words. He is a leader at the school, he has the power to influence…for good or evil. Once I broke it down to him, I think he understood a little bit more. Pray for him. God wants this one.

Here are some of the shirts, I suggest checking out the website:







jesus-died-for-terroristsi-heart-homosexuals1(I heart homosexuals)homosexual-back(Jesus has compassion for those who are looking for love in the wrong places)


(it was me)


(check out the website for the writing on the back of the shirt)

If you are interested in supporting this minsitry (purchasing a shirt for a teen to wear), please comment or email me personally at: If 15 people committed to doing this, I believe we would see SIGNIFICANT change!

Pray about it.

More importantly, pray for these teens.


Everything I never wanted… November 27, 2008

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Recently I feel like Jehovah Sneaky is pulling a fast one on me, but I like it!  haha.  Seriously, I don’t even know what is going on with my life anymore.  If you were to ask me five years ago, “Where do you think you will be in five years?”  I NEVER would have thought this place.  But I am SO THANKFUL for where He has brought me.  I never would have chosen this life, but I am glad he has given it to me by His grace.

Here is just a short list of things the Lord is doing in my life right now, that seem totally opposite of what I ever wanted or desired.  But now, I don’t want anything else…but His will!


  • I have been volunteering in the junior high (math classroom) for the past three years.  I wanted to use my degree, but not actually teach.  I NEVER EVER EVER thought I would want to teach in the public school system.  I really didn’t have the confidence or motivation for it.  After graduation I thought I would be on the mission field in some regard.  To bring you up to speed I have recently gotten my substitute teaching license and had my first two days of subbing (in the class I volunteer with) this week.  Guess what?  I LOVED IT!  I love teaching these students math, I love teaching them about life, I love teaching them about character development and life skills, I LOVE IT!  This is not even an easy school to teach in, the students have tons of baggage from their families and bring it all to school with them causing a dysfunctional environment for everyone.  Good thing I serve a BIG God who can take care of that. Check out the school’s report card to get a better picture of where the studetns are at academically.


  • I always told my parents not to expect me to make a lot of money, it has just never been important to me.  I have always wanted a job that was fulfilling and satisfying and more importantly where the Lord wanted me to be.  Of course, this is not always easy and living on faith certainly isn’t either, BUT is causes a deeper dependance on the King of Kings who owns EVERYTHING!  So, I believe I am a missionary here in Cairo getting prepared for the mission field in the marketplace.  I do believe that someday I will be wealthy or influence many wealthy people to GIVE to the KINGDOM (1 Timothy 6:17-19).  No, this is not something I just dreamt up one day, I believe the Lord has spoken it to me and confirmed it many times.  It is really not about the money, more about being a steward of His resources, and that get’s me excited.


  • I have always been more comfortable around the poor, the broken, the “down and out” of society.  Rich, white people kind of intimidate me sometimes.  I know, that sounds silly, considering where I come from (White Bear Lake, MN).  That’s just how I work, I love connecting with and sharing life with these people.  No offense to wealthy whities, I just feel more comfortable around others.  This fits perfectly into what I thought I would be doing – heading straight off to the foreign mission field and ministering to the hungry, the dying, the needy, the thirsty, the naked, the prisoners, the widow, and the orphan.  All was well with Heather’s world, until the Holy Spirit spoke to her last Christmas about ministering in Hollywood.  WHAT?!?!  This was definitely not on my life plan.  That was for other people.  People who are into famous people, people who are into “what’s in and what’s out”, people who are into fashion, people who are knowledgeable about the “industry”, people who really have a heart and burden to reach the lost in one of the wealthiest and most influential places in the world…certainly NOT ME LORD!  I didn’t have a heart for them, usually I didn’t give a rip, or I would judge them based on the little I knew about their lives.  God you want me to do what?  I have always had a pull toward Cali, even ask my mom.  When I was younger I always wanted to go there and eventually live there.  Still not sure how it all works or what it will look like, that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that God HAS changed my heart towards those rich white folks and the people who are in the industry.  They need Jesus just as much as the Maasai tribe in Kenya, Africa.  The Holy Spirit will take care of the rest.


  • Music.  I have always been self conscious about my singing voice.  It wasn’t until after my first summer with YouthWorks in Bramwell, WV that I realized I could actually sing out loud and people wouldn’t run away screaming covering your ears.  Seriously, I had issues.  Now, I LOVE singing and leading worship.  It is all about Him, not about me.  I am even in the process of recording my first CD.  WHAT?!? Never would I even consider this in the past.  Playing instruments has always been fun to me.  I grew up playing the trumpet from 5th grade to 9th grade, and boy do I wish I would have kept it up.  For all you youngsters out there ready to give up on band, think again.  It is such an amazing skill to have.  Recently, I have gotten back into playing my trumpet and am even helping some of the band students here in Cairo.  I have been playing guitar off and on for about three years.  My friend Anthony in town is teaching me how to play the piano/keyboard.  Praise God!  I felt the Lord speaking to my heart about learning to play many instruments and teaching them to children/teens.  This was totally NOT on my radar.  If anyone reading this would like to donate to the cause, give me a call – I am collecting instruments.

So, next time you say, “Oh, Lord, I will NEVER do _____________________,” think again.  That might be the VERY thing He wants you to do.  He never wants us to rely on our own “skill and gifting” but instead on His Spirit.


Cairo Airport + SIU + SCCC = Opportunity

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Check out this article and say a little prayer…

$ 4 million pumped into Cairo Airport


The non-religious guide to dating and relationships November 23, 2008

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Shawn Boltz is an ambassador for Christ in one of the most unlikely mission fields in America…Hollywood.  Props to this brother as he has stepped out in faith in many ways.  He is trusting God for a ripe harvest in Hollywood.  This city influences NATIONS.  Seriously, not a small thing. 


Just today I was checking out his blog and myspace pages.  He helped start a ministry in Hollywood – Expression 58.  Unfortunatley I was not able to hook up with them while I was in Hollywood last year, but I hope to next time I go.

He has a new video series out with the above title. Here is a promo video.  Looks good.

“Virginity is a lifestyle…”


Day 4 November 21, 2008

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Chaplin Ralph hooked me up with some Bibles, and lots of Spanish Bibles this morning before we zipped off to our work site.  I was hoping to give one to the neighbor who played the sax. for us the other day, the teen girl named Star that I just met and the owner of the house we are working on.

Today was a nice work day.  Our goup is constantly switching peeps as people are in and out of the free clinic helping Marcia.  Sharon was with our group today and Sara was out.  We were finishing up on the dry wall mudding, which is always fun – for a moment.  If this was my job I would frinkin’ go crazy!  My arm would have to build some serious muscle in my shoulder area.  It burns!  Anyway, we got a little giddy.  That over tired silliness that comes out when you are with a group of people you just feel so comfortable with – you know the kind.  I love that stuff.  I love to laugh.  It is some of the best medicine – not that I am sick.  If you are sick, I suggest you get a good laugh in, it will do your body some good.

We took off early to head to the beach for a bit and now we are getting ready to head out to dinner.

More to come later.  Tomorrow is our last work day and we will be heading back to Cairo.  I miss Cairo.  I miss my friends there.  It will be good to sleep in my own bedroom again too – compared to this shoe box of a bedroom with 5 other ladies…not that I am complaining, I love community time too.


Day 3 November 20, 2008

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I was able to return to the same house, which is great because I was hoping to reconnect with the two custodial staff I prayed with the day before.  The morning started with us praying together as a team.  It felt really good to commit our day to the Lord, asking Him to guide us, protect us, open up opportunities to speak to people in the community.

I recognized last night during our processing time, that I really love to work hard and do physical labor and construction stuff – learning new skill and all.  BUT, I also LOVE to be with people.  To encourage them, to speak words of life to them, to pray with them.  It is more of a challenge when I do not have this kind of daily interaction.  Plus, I am really missing Cairo.  I never thought I would say those words.  Usually I am so happy to get a little bit of a break from that place, that I don’t really miss it at all.  Now, I feel much differently about Cairo.  No longer seen as a mission field, but seen as my home (one of my homes).  Okay, back to Biloxi.  People interaction, yeah, that is what I prayed for this morning.  Also, I prayed for surprises.  God provided in answering each one of the prayers we lifted up together this morning as a team.  It was certainly fun and entertaining to see them unfold.

The neighbor came home home and we began chatting with him a bit.  Found out he works nights, so he was on his way in to sleep before going back to work.  A nice guy, and I was hoping we would have more interaction with him.  Our team has not actually me the home owner of the house we are working on yet, because of his busy work schedule.  I am just dying for people interaction, you hear me?  Anyway, so the neighbor ends up stopping by a couple hours later.  He tells Mike (our team leader) that he has a surprise for us.  We began joking around, “Maybe he is going to do a song and dance.  Maybe he is going to finish the sheet rock.  Maybe he is going to install the toilet for us.”  haha.  The surprise was better than all of those silly things.  He told us that recently he began playing his saxophone again.  He hadn’t played in years (probably since high school).  There is a song that had been rolling around in his mind the last two days and he practiced it yesterday (not even with the sheet music).  He kept trying to get some sleep, but he heard a voice telling him, “Go over and play the song for the goup and don’t worry about messing up the notes.”  I asked if it was the Holy Spirit.  He said yes, but he had never heard this voice before.  Was I thankful for his obedience!  Such a beautiful song flowed from the bell of his saxophone as he moved through the song with such ease and gentleness.  I was taken back by the beauty.  After soaking in the moment, he began to describe the impact that we had on him, coming from Illinois to volunteer and help people we had never met.  He realized that he too has something to give and that he must not be selfish, but give.  Pray for this man, W as he described himself as non-religious.  Heck, I am not religious either (except about brushing my teeth), but I think people have different definitions for the word.  Praise God for His divine placement!  I am praying that W will continue to hear that voice and yield to Him.