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An old grain elevator and my imagination… November 30, 2008

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In Stillwater, MN there is this place called PJ Ash, it is a rock climbing venue on the river.  Actually, an old grain elevator turned into a sweet rock climbing wall.  Each face on the inside has a wall for people to venture up. It rocks my face off. Lately, I have been really desiring an opportunity to climb.  I brought two harnesses, chalk, and shoes to Cairo and have yet to use them!  Not for lack of places either.  Southern IL has many sweet spots for climing outdoors and indoors on college campuses.


On Friday I had two community friends tell me about these old grain elevators in town near the levee wall…kind of tucked away.  No longer in use, but still structurally sound.  Of course my mind starts racing and I think of the high school students learning how to rock climb and experiencing the great outdoors in a way they never have (or have been too afraid).  Laurie took Heather and I out there yesterday morning and boy was I thrilled! This place was actually in the “woods”.  There are not many places like that in Cairo, where you feel you are in a forest of sorts.  There were three large structures near one another that would be absolutley  perfect for climbing surfaces.  So, Jesus, I call forth your resources if this is your dream.


PS Did I mention that God might be bringing a brother down to Cairo who has a heart for adventure/outdoor minsitry and has a degree in Rec. Management?!?  As the Spirit leads…


3 Responses to “An old grain elevator and my imagination…”

  1. paulwwalters Says:

    I rode my bike around there when I was there this summer, I was thinking similar thoughts.

  2. charredsmore Says:

    Really? That’s great. I didn’t even know it was there.

    God is doing new things in Cairo…too many to write about sometimes.

    There is a revival coming to the high school! Pray for the teens. THey need revelation of JESUS and their idenitity in HIM.

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