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Fill them up Lord. December 20, 2007

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“Give me the least of these and I will fill them with my Spirit.  Give me the ones that noone else wants.”

“Put out the invitation.  Sound the trumpet. Gather the misfits. Gather them.  Teach, equip, encourage, and mobilize.  Let my Spirit move freely.  Do not be offended by the anointing I pour out.  Do not be offended.  What I will do no one can imagine or expect. “

 A scene scrolled past my vision:

Robin Hood and his ratty tattered men.  They were raised up as powerful men fighting for justice.  God will raise up the ragamuffins in this community (me being one of them) with the full armor on (Ephesians 6).  He will bring the heavenly riches into for the purposes of His Kingdom.


A different kind of faith November 8, 2007

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Suffering for Jesus

This phrase “suffering with Jesus” seems a bit foreign to our nation. A place where most are even afraid of speaking the name of Jesus for fear of “rejection of man” have no idea what many believers face on a daily basis for standing up for their Jesus.

Forgive us of our fear Lord God. You are the One we love and desire to follow all the days of our lives.

Thousands of miles away, believers are tortured, imprisoned, and killed for sharing their faith in the true Messiah.

Will you raise this kind of faith in us Lord? I desire to stand strong in the midst of persecution. I desire to have a history with you that will not be washed away when trouble comes. Prepare me Father.

This morning during our prayer time as a team we focused our prayers towards these persecuted nations and saints. As I held the picture of two individuals who have been thrown in prison for their faith, I cried out to the Lord for their strength, boldness, and courage. One woman, imprisoned in China for nearly 7 years and the other in Indonesia for over 200 days, they captured my heart.

Last night I wrote a letter to my brother Daniel, who is an evangelist in Indonesia, the one who has been in prison for over 200 days. I will send it off today, pray that he will receive the letter and be encouraged.

While praying for those in prison, the Lord gave me a vision…

I approached the broken and bloody body of a man in a prison cell. He was sitting down, weeping into his hands. Crying out to God. Where am I, I ask. “It doesn’t matter; this scene is familiar in many nations.” I sat next to the man and held his hand, I laid the other on his head and prayed over him. As I prayed, more gathered around us in a circle, all asking the Lord to intercede on behalf of this man’s life. Lord, bring hope, courage, faith, boldness, and abundance of life. Let his life be a witness for you Lord God. Reveal to his Spirit this is not in vain. This suffering is NOT in vain. He will be glorified with you Jesus, because he is suffering with you. You call him great in your Kingdom. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and goodness in this man’s life. Bring greater revelation of your love for him. He is precious to you Lord. He is one of your sheep. You will care for his wounds.

“Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated ass if you yourselves were suffering.” – Hebrews 13:3

If you desire to minister to these prisoners or their families, there are different options.

Please check out the following websites: