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Mac Book Pro January 31, 2008

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What a beautiful computer!

My friend Melissa has graciously walked me through the fun little features of the Mac Book Pro.

Simply wonderful!

I look forward to having one of my own someday.


California Lovin’

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Thank you for praying! I can literally feel your prayers being delivered.
Each day has been an amazing adventure with Jesus and the girls.
Vision Trip Update:-Plane ride to San Jose – met some dudes who play in the band “Dumpsta Phunk” Prayed with one of the members who is a Christian. They are actually from New Orleans and do a bit of work together and separately with other bands. Raymond, who I prayed with is now thinking about purchasing a house in Cairo for his family – a half way point between N.O. and MN and Chicago where he travels quite a bit.
PS He has a recording studio in his house – as do most of the band members.

-Spent some great time with our friend Zach who lives in San Fran (works as a youth director at a church). He did a wonderful job hosting us ladies as he gave us a tour of the city and took us to a delicious Thai restaurant. I was able to participate in the first hour of his Fuller (extension) Seminary class. My expectation was totally blown out of the water when the prof. lead the class in worship, prayer, testimony and discussed the importance of having the Word and the Spirit active while studying in seminary. After she mentioned Bethel church in Redding (where I later attended the Writers Conference) and Iris Ministry (who I partnered with in Mozambique) I told Zach he was certainly in for a ride with this sem. experience.

-San Jose rocked my face off. God had given me those two dreams about this city. One dream involved a myspace profile page with a gentleman’s picture along with his brief description: San Jose, Marketing and Business. I knew he had striking features and dark hair. Of course in my natural mind I am thinking, “Maybe this is my husband!” No, no, no! While I was visiting with the Directors of the House of Prayer – Jose and Francesca, I realized that he was the one in my dream. God was already making the connection in the spirit realm! They are a young couple with a three year old daughter and one on the way. They are very much “like minded” as they counter culturally live a simple life while two twenty something aged women live in their home.

-Once/week they do the worship/intercession thing with harp and bowl. Of course we were there to experience this with them, which was amazing. They are pretty laid back – all chilled in the living room they just worship the King. Hard core – they usually have a small remnant that will stick around until 5am or even 7am. I had taken a nap right when they started at 9pm hoping to wake up at 12 to get started. Amanda handed the buton to me.  The Lord gave me joy and grace…I stayed awake until 7am! It was quite funny to see Jess waking up for the morning as I was just going to sleep.

-In the morning we were able to have a more intimate prayer session with the Directors and their “kids” (the gals that live with them). It was pretty much an amazing time of fellowship.

-There is a significant connection with San Jose – the vision that the Lord has given has actually been on their heart for some time now. Praise Jesus!

-God continues to show me the strategic ways that He wants to use CA. The north, the south…powerful influence for our nation and the world.

-We attended a concert that was created to raise awareness and funds for the Pro Life movement (San Jose). My ears tingled as we entered to hear “righteous rap” lyrics from a young man. I had a picture in my mind of him coming to Cairo with his wife (who sings) for a short bit to train the youth. This couple is truly on fire for Jesus. While chatting with him afterwards, I reluctantly shared the vision I saw. He stepped back and said, “This has been our heart all along!” Woah! What is God up to? See previous blog for website.

On to Redding…

-Wonderful time visiting with our friend Bec (the Aussie who we met in Mozambique). They truly experience community! She is currently living with a couple who moved to Redding to also attend the School of the Supernatural. The house is ginormous and beautiful. Constantly young people are flitting in and out. We were blessed by our time of fellowship with them.

-The writing conference was absolutely wonderful! The Lord has set his flame to my heart creating sparks…more later.

-Divine appointments! Connections made with people all over the world. Amazing to see the diversity of gifttings and experience displayed at the conference.

As I sit here typing away in Atascadero (Central Coastal CA) I look forward to what possibilities are set before us. Only He knows where our feet will take us. Be the wind in these sails Jesus!

Pray for us while we venture off to LA, San Diego, Tijuana, and home to sweet Cairo.

I love you and appreciate our partnership in prayer.


Saylah January 28, 2008

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San Jose if full of creative artists for the Kingdom.

Last night I went to a pro life concert and heard some amazing musicians.

This brother performed with his wife…pretty much my new favorites.

I love righteous lyrics.

More Lord!

Release it in Cairo.



CA January 24, 2008

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Pray for me as I will be leaving for Cali. on Friday.

Vision trip.

Divine appointments.

Diving strategy.

Blessings to give and receive.

Unity in fellowship.

San Fran, San Jose, Redding, LA, San Diego, and Tijuana.


Harvest January 21, 2008

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“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.

Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’?

I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields!

They are ripe for harvest.

Even now the reaper draws his wages,

even now he harvests the crop for eternal life, so that

the sower and the reaper may be glad together.”

John 4:34-36


taken by J.S.F

“Then he said to his disciples,

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. 

Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Matthew 9:37-38



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This has become somewhat of an inside joke with a few of my friends.

Stacy (my roommie)  says, “But I want to be a charredsmore!”

No one wants to be a soft, fluffy, white marshmallow…

We want to be in the fire.


Burned up.

Consumed by the love of Jesus.


A new sound in worship January 19, 2008

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Eddie James

I was able to worship with this brother at The Call in Nashville and Cincinnati.  He has an amazing testimony.  God is using this brother in powerful ways.


A new name for Hollywood January 16, 2008

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Names are important. 

I believe the Lord gives new names – for individuals and cities.

While I was praying for Hollywood (this is a new burden of prayer) a few days ago, the Lord revealed some things to me.

I remember hearing a vision that someone once had about the name…

They saw the large white letters on the hill – “HOLLYWOOD” and the hand of God came down and plucked out one letter.  He plucked out an “L”, making a new name, “HOLYWOOD”.

As I thought about his, I asked the Lord what the “L” being plucked out represented. 

The “L” represents Love.  They can not serve two masters – they will love one and hate the other. 

2 Timothy 3:1-7

In the last days there will be times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of…








God and others












Considerate of others






Disobedient to parents


Obedient to parents












Whole hearted




Satisfied in the Lord






Without self control


Self Controlled






Not loving good


Loving the things of Phil. 4:8














Lovers of pleasure over lovers of God


First and Second commandment in place


Appearance of godliness but denying its power


Walking in holiness and power of the Holy Spirit


**Don’t just tear down strongholds. Replace with the truth. There are many counterfits right now. Instead of wiping away – TRANSFORM. Just as we pray for transformed hearts in Cairo – not destruction, but mercy. Your kindness leads us to repentance. Transform the hearts of people in Hollywood. Transform this place to be known as “Holywood” redeem all things Lord. Cause the people and productions to align with your Kingdom purposes.

Release your creativity and wisdom from heaven to the believers – let them walk in power and anointing. May they live sanctified lives, may they stand out Lord Jesus, no longer blending into the”Californian culture”.



The Cross Over State

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California is prophetically known as the “Cross over state”.

Even before I spent a summer in Lake Tahoe, I have always wanted to be in California.

I applied for various jobs there, even offered jobs…the Lord kept telling me it wasn’t time yet.

Obedience is tough sometimes when it wars against your flesh, or even desires He has given you.

Timing is key.  Let me submit to the timing of the Spirit.

I feel the Lord speaking to me, “I am releasing you to California”.

Of course, I have gone through this love/hate relationship with the state – wanting to live there, not ever wanting t live there.  Seeing the potential in the Kingdom/observing the sin. 

I am preparing to go on a vision trip to this great state.  Excited, yes.  Terrified, in a way.  Worried, no.  Even though I am a little prayer missionary with small amounts in the bank account, I feel as though the Lord wants to me step out in faith and go.  He will provide for what He calls us to.

What will it look like?

There is a group of four (Jess, Amanda, Shawna and myself + Asha for the last two days) who will be meeting up in the Bay area to begin our adventure.

The cities that we are hitting up include: San Fran, San Jose (God highlighted this city in a couple dreams), Redding (attending a writing conference), LA area, San Diego, and hopefully Tijuana, Mexico.  9 days of ATL.  “Asking the Lord” is always an adventure, usually fun, out of the comfort zone, and faith producing.

Most of our trip is pretty much planned (timing and location) with the exception of the So. Cal. portion at the end.  I kept thinking that there was something very specific that the Lord had for us there. 

Yesterday I spoke with one of our dear friends who grew up in California and actually had a ministry to those in Hollywood.  She has helped prepare the way spiritually for us.  Helping us understand the spiritual realm a bit better before heading out.  Knowing how to pray and what to watch out for.  I am so thankful for those pioneers that have gone before us.  She has also given me names of various ministries/churches/and prayer groups.  I look forward to connecting with the body of Christ in California.

I believe that this is the strategic timing of God…

He has given me a crazy vision that I have no idea how to put together…

I believe there is a connection….

I believe He will unfold His plans and do the necessary networking.

Pray with me as I venture to the cross over state.

Pray this state would cross over into the Kingdom of light.


Under Cover January 12, 2008

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Being a prayer missionary is certainly an adventure.  Perhaps you are new to this term and consider traditional types of missionaries who travel to distant islands sharing the gospel with tribal people’s who have never heard about Jesus. 

Prayer missionaries are sprouting up all over the place!  For real. You don’t have to be in a certain country or place…wherever you are, as you are, you have the ear of the Lord, and He desires to hear you! 

Sometimes I feel like an undercover agent working with a secret service for the Kingdom.  Maybe your picture of a prayer missionary include a group of old grannies sitting in a small room silently petitioning the Lord.  That’s cool too, we need those women to intercede.  There are all kinds who make up the Kingdom, let’s not limit the Lord’s agents to a few elderly.  His plans and purposes are much grander than we could ever imagine.

I’ll tell you what it is like to be a prayer missionary, at least from my perspective…

Today I felt like Sandra Bullock in the movie, “Miss Congeniality”.  You know the opening scene where she sits reading her book while sitting at a hole in the wall Russian restaurant.  The book she holds has a mini camera.  She is an undercover agent working for justice – taking down drug dealers in the city.  That’s how I felt today.  Little ol’ me sitting there sipping my coffee and all of a sudden the Lord reveals to me the secret plan of the enemy to defy righteousness, integrity, and everything His Kingdom stands for (Phil. 4:8). 

There I sit thinking, “Who am I that you would let me in on these hidden schemes of the enemy?” 

“Pray. Pray for justice.  Pray for righteousness.  Pray that these demons would be trampled.  Pray for redemption.  Pray for the prodigals homecoming.  Pray.”

So, there you go.  A day in the life of a prayer missionary. 

P.S.  I know the boss is still recruiting.