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Healthy Living Article (written for a newsletter and newspaper) June 5, 2012

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Summer Slimming Strategies:

Remember the benefits of regular exercise are MANY, including: weight management, increased energy, stress reduction, heart health, and more!

  • Set aside specific times for exercise to it becomes a regular part of your schedule.
  • If you are new to incorporating exercise in your schedule, start small with 10 minutes/day and work up to a goal of 30 minutes per day.
  • Try some quick exercises while you are watching TV – stretching, sit ups, pushups, leg lifts, lifting soup cans, or marching in place.
  • Substitute rich deserts with frozen yogurt or delicious fresh fruit.
  • Make goals with a friend and peruse health and wholeness together!

For those in the Region, take advantage of local health related events.

Farmer’s Markets:

  • Pulaski’s Farmer’s Market (next door to Rogan’s Country Pharmacy off of State Hwy 51, is open on Saturday mornings 8am – 3pm, offers half price for those using their link card.
  • Cape Riverfront Market – Saturdays 8am – 12noon (May 5th – Oct. 27th).  Free range meat and eggs, baked goods, jams, honey, arts, grafts, homemade soap.  Music, entertainment, and demonstrations, a fun family friendly event.  (Location: 35 South Spanish Street, Downtown Cape).
  • Check out local Farmer’s markets (use your Resource Directory to find one near you, or look online) for delicious in-season produce.

Events and Updates:

  • Join the Legacy team in walking for a cure!  American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Event is on June 8th, starting at 6pm and going thru the early morning at 6am.  Contact the office if you are interested in walking with the team, or if you are interested in making a donation.
  • Health Fair at Cairo Jr/Sr High School (4201 Sycamore Street) on June 14th 9am – 12pm, health screenings, HIV and STD screenings, school physicals and health resources provided to the community.
  • In order to find out about health screening events, check out the link on our website:, text to survive. (Medicine reminders and health tips can also be texted to your phone).
  • Free health events in Southern IL can be located on this online calendar:

Written by Heather Carney, Wellness Project Coordinator with Legacy Training and Development Corporation.  Funded provided for the Healthy We Project by IL Department of Public Health – Minority Health Services.


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