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God is pouring out His Spirit May 9, 2008

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God is doing a new thing on the earth today.  Have you heard?  Have you experienced it?  He is pouring out His Spirit – it is powerful and dynamic. 

What started in Lakeland, FL with a five day conference has continued for the past 37 days of a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit.  People are traveling to Lakeland from all over the nation – and world.  Others are viewing the revival through the television (God TV – Direct TV Channel 365) and even the intranet –  In Cairo we had been watching the revival for the past couple weeks, when our leadership gave us permission to take time off of work to travel down to FL for ourselves to experience what God was doing.  Within 24 hours we had purchased our tickets!  I have never in my life panned a trip to spontaneously!  A week ago it wasn’t on my radar to come down to Florida, now I am sitting here soaking in the wonderful presence of the Lord.  I have been blown away at the amazing testimonies!  There are too many to even record.  People jumping out of wheelchairs, people on oxygen healed, broken legs, cancer, tumors, diabetes…gone in Jesus Name!  Each night the power builds as we eagerly expect our King to enter in and do what only He can do.   It’s not just here.  God is touching people all over the word!  There are over 214 nations viewing the revival and over 143 million watching on the TV or through the intranet.  My WORD!  In 37 days.  COME ON!  People are getting healed at home just watching and receiving by faith.  Others are getting healed over the phone as people at the Lakeland revival are calling them and praying.

The other day there was a word of knowledge shared about a man named Leo who was watching from a prison.  The word was given that he would actually start a revival fire in the prison.  As the next few days unfolded he called in to share his testimony, men in the prison are getting healed and coming to know Jesus.  PS.  They just did a DNA test and found Leo not guilty of his crime. 


People are going home and bringing the power and fire of God with them.  Revivals are starting in all sorts of pockets of the world.  I believe God is doing a mighty work that none of us can fathom.  He is just getting started.  People get ready.  He desires to fill you with His Spirit and pour out.  The more you give away, the more you receive.  I encourage you saints, God is doing a new thing.  Ask, He will fill you.