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Plethos-Multiplying Kingdom Resources November 2, 2007



Thanks to Paul!

I am in the process of setting up a website for Plethos:



Words on the necklaces include: Dream, Hope, Love, Believe, and Peace.

Plethos is something that the Lord gave me the idea for a couple summers ago as I began selling little abalone necklaces to youth as they traveled through Cairo on a mission trip. I have the desire to raise funds to be channeled into the Kingdom.  Really, I can’t say that I desire to “make money for God” because, hello, He already owns it all anyway.  Who do I think I am?  All I desire to do is be one who He can trust to channel it back into Kingdom minded opportunities. I am reminded of the Parable of the Talents.

So, with this in mind, and the idea that I am now a prayer missionary living on faith and the creativity of the Lord’s provision, I have decided to sell necklaces and t-shirts.  I have three goals with this ministry: 

1) For people to wear a message of HOPE and LIFE 

2) To use creative ways to raise my support and pay off my student loan in 2008.  It can happen.

3) To channel resources into Kingdom minded efforts

 *  I believe that my monthly support will come in through friends and family wanting to be a part of what God is doing in my life and in Cairo.  Therefore, Plethos will be extra money, in addition to my salary.  I asked the Lord what to do with this money (brought in from Plethos) and I He said it will be used for various purposes.  Half will be used to pay off my student loan, half will be given to missions/ministries/churches/faith based non profits.  Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. 

Of course, there are options if you feel lead to participate.  You can simply purchase jewelry for yourself or as a gift for someone else (Christmas IS approaching very soon!), for the cost of $10.  This money goes into supporting my salary  and Two Rivers Ministry costs. 


If you are a part of a group (church, non-profit, team, family, home-school…) that is in need of a simple, quick, and easy fundraiser you can sell the necklaces yourselves.  You can tell me how many you would like to sell and I will send them right off to you with the understanding that you will donate back 60% of your sales, while keeping 40%.  Remember, there is no up front fee, and you can return the necklaces that do not sell. 

Here is a chart to show how much money you can make in selling the necklaces at a set price of $10.00 Remember, people are willing to pay a bit more if they catch the VISION of what you are raising funds for, so cast that vision!

# of Necklaces Sold                     40% of sale

10                                                        $40.00

20                                                        $80.00

30                                                        $120.00

40                                                        $160.00

50                                                        $200.00

 ** IF you are interested in raising more funds, please check out the “Kingdom Fuel” tab for other options.  Kingdom Fuel is a ministry that will allow you to raise funds for Kingdom endevors.  Please email or call me with any questions you may have. 

Email:  Phone:  618-306-1532


One Response to “Plethos-Multiplying Kingdom Resources”

  1. paulwwalters Says:

    Hey I am working on the layout right now (this takes the most time out of any of the steps). I’m still learning so it may take a bit of time but the finished product should be good.

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