My classroom called life…Kingdom lessons

My desire is to abide

Prayer Requests November 19, 2007


– Pray for our team as we will be heading home visiting our families over the holidays.

-Pray for the Two Rivers family as we trust God with our finances and begin raising support.

-Pray for ministry partners to raise up around us.  Both for prayer and resources.

-Pray for our ministry in the Elmwood Housing project as we begin to take our Uprising (Friday night worship) off site to Elmwood (once/month) and begin and after school ministry with children.

-Pray for the UNITY within the Body of Christ in Cairo.  There are amost 30 churches in this tiny town of >3,000 people. Gary meets with the pastors every Wednesday.

-Pray for our women’s Bible Study as we begin to invite women from all different backgrounds in the community.

-Pray for wisdom, direction, guidance, and unity for our team.

-Most of all pray that our LOVE for our Father will grow each day.

-Pray for our families.  Sometimes they have a hard time understanding what we are doing.  I can just see my mom shaking her head, “Oh, Heather…what are you thinking?!?” 

-Pray for each of us as we walk in new areas of faith and observe His Spirit working in us in new ways.  Pray for each of us to walk in our destiny.  Pray that we would embrace who God has created us to be.

-Pray for me as I begin walking in new things: writing, singing, dancing (worship), playing guitar, learning Spanish, Entrepreunuer class (starting in Feb.), Plethos (my mini-bus.), Beautiful Sheep (ministry to the Body in equipping/training in gifts), raising up indigenious leaders in Cairo, Elmwood ministry (housing projects), mentoring a 5th grade girl, networking, support raising (personal and for TR family), building partnerships with businesses/ministries/non-profits, volunteering in the community (Soup Kitchen, Nursing Home, Elementary School), prayer at the schools…

-Thankfulness in all situations.

-That our minds would be steadfast on HIM and His goodness – Phil. 4:8

How can I pray for you?


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