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Kingdom Fuel November 15, 2007

Kingdom Fuel

The community center I work at here in Cairo has just put the pieces together for an exciting new business/support raising venture called Kingdom Fuel. The basic premise is selling guitar pick necklaces (each for about 6-8 bucks) as a fundraiser. The necklaces are so sweet! Everyone’s gonna love them. They’ll look something like this:Pretty sweet, right?  (I know the black pearly one has nothing on it…we’re working on it…but I wanted to put this graphic up cuz it’s so kewl!)  But let me tell you the really cool part. The funds you raise will work to the benefit of 4 different things.

  1. You’ll reap 50%  (at minimum) of the goods to go towards your support of your church/ministry.
  2. You’ll also help support Two Rivers Ministry (
  3. Another 15% goes towards the administrative costs of operating Kingdom Fuel.
  4. And then…a 10% tithe will go to support compassion ministries around the world.

 Sounds fun right? I think its super exciting! So here’s the deal. You can buy a gross (a gross is not disgusting…it means a bundle of 144 picks) for yourself and sell away OR you can enlist the help of your church, youth group, or other friends to help you out as well. They could even do the entire fundraiser for you and donate all or part of their sales to your trip. I’m sure you know of some people who want to support you, but just don’t have enough funds. Well this is a fun way that they can get involved! Genius, right? I know I’m telling all my friends about it! If you want in on this, just let me know. You can email me at, or give me a call at 618-306-1532. You can also call the Two Rivers Community Center at 618-734-4182 and talk to the awesome people there if you can’t reach me.

This is a postcard we’re sending out to spread the word a bit. I thought I would include the graphic on here since it has a few more details about the fundraiser. Key things:
* the cost you pay upfront = $89 (for one style) $99 for four different styles.
* what your fundraiser gives back to you = $432 (at least. You can sell the necklaces for more than $6 and get more moola! …always good.)

These are some more of the designs we’ve created (minus the sweet color graphics…sorry!) and I’ve listed the colors they’ll be when they’re printed.

BELOVED: shiny black with white lettering   

DESIRE: pearly white with black lettering    

iBurn: gray with white lettering  (yes, shamelessly ripped from iPod.  you know you like it! Don’t hate.)    

 RIGHTEOUSNESS: pearly red with white lettering    

SOAR: light blue with black lettering    

STAND: black with white lettering    

EXTREME WORSHIP: Pearly blue with white lettering    

REVOLUTION: Green with black lettering    

EXCEPT GOD: not sure about colors on this one…this is a ghanian symbol that means “except God” as in…”We will have no other gods EXCEPT GOD.” 

Can’t forget about the instruction sheet. You’ll get this in your package of stuff when you order, but I just thought I’d include it here anyway. Sorry it’s hard to read on the web!

Ok. I think this is all the stuff I have to share with you!   Anyway, I hope you liked it and are as jazzed as I am about this! Let me know what you think and if you’re interested!  Also please pass this info along to anyone you think would be interested.  Feel free to give out our information and have people contact us! 

Kingdom Fuel Website: 


Phone: 618-734-4182


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