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Summer Time May 27, 2009

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DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

“Summer, summer, summer time.”  That Fresh Prince song is running through my mind right now…only 1 week left of school!


I have realized what a gift it has been to work this last quarter at the Cairo JR/SR High School.  Of course I never would have thought of this in my five year plan, but I have tried to throw those types of ideas to the Holy Spirit and be lead by Him and not my own thoughts or imaginations.  Not that ideas or personal aspirations are a bad thing…but when it comes to expectations in life, I have learned to follow the leading of the Lord and not my personal goals.  I have never been disappointed.  At the time it doesn’t always seem to make sense or even be the most desirable option…but it is always the most rewarding.


I have learned a bit more of the “ins and outs” of CJSH, students really will test you and push your buttons (even when they have known you for the past four years as a missionary), pencils are a hot commodity, and bringing a positive attitude to school affects the whole day.  I feel that I have a lot more to learn, but am thankful for the expeirence I was given to finish this year with the students.


As for a quick update:

1.)  I have been hired to work Summer School, without even applying.  Ha!  I love how the Lord hooks me up like that.  Come on!

2.)  I have officially been hired to work as the Jr. High Math Teacher for next year.

3.)  I turned down the opportunity to teach in Korea (over the summer for a month), which seems funny because everything about it “seemed” perfect.  I really didn’t have a peace about it, didn’t feel the glory on it and had to turn it down.  I know there are specific assignments for me here in Cairo and the states.

4.)  Praying about getting another job or two.

5.)  Hoping to travel a little bit before school starts – going back up north to visit the fam. and friends and maybe a little trip somewhere else too.


7.)  God is opening up doors at the school.

8.)  Still praying for surprises.Summer