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Support Me March 17, 2007


Currently I have the privilege of living and working with 8 amazing people I call family in a tiny town at the southern tip of Illinois – Cairo.  As individuals and as a family at Two Rivers Ministry, we have decided to live on faith, we will no longer be recieving stipends from AmeriCorps.  A scary, yet exciting adventure.  I trust the Lord will provide for each one of our needs.  I am in the process of putting together a support team, a group of people who desire to support me in various ways.  The biggest way of course is PRAYER!  Without that, I would not be here.  Other ways include: encouraging words, scripture, letters, monthly financial support, one time gifts, in-kind gifts…Would you consider joining my support team?  Please contact me with any questions or ideas you may have in partnering with me.  You can send me an email at

Bless you.

 My wish list:

-New/used car (already had one offered to me, but I knew it wasn’t mine – it’s on the way…I HAVE A CAR!  PRAISE THE LORD!)

-Laptop – Mac Book

-Pots and Pans (got it)

-Kayak (river)

-Parenting; Fitness; Oxygen; Discipleship Journal; Charisma Magazine Subscriptions

-Extra support for continuing education classes (Music Production, Business, Message Therapy, Art, Photography…)

-Craft supplies for our ministry with children in the projects

-Guitar (McPherson)

-Old guitar strings (to make necklaces)

-Journals (I fill ’em up in two months so I am always buying new ones)

-Art/Craft supplies (for afterschool junior high ministry)

-Old cameras (digital or 35mm) for teaching the kiddos about photography

-Film/memory sticks

-Desk (for my bedroom and class)

-Musical Instruments (for teaching youth

 *I plan on updating you all when the Lord provides, so we can praise Him together!


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