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Reflection Question #1 December 8, 2007

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#1  How has God used this community (place and people), partners in prayer, and our team to change and grow you?

This is a hefty question. Reflecting on the past 2+ years and how the Lord has taken me from such a dry place to a desert with flowing rivers and blooming fruit.

Two Rivers Community:  I have been refined.  A mirror placed before me.  Seeing my sin to greater measure. A  garden with many weeds.  He is a gentle Gardner in getting them plucked out – for not fruit can grow when the weeds are choking.  The plank of wood in my own eye. – When removed allows me to see people more clearly – the way He sees.  Holding my tongue.  Submission. More humility.  Transparency.  Trust.  Honesty.  Communication.  Challenged to grow.  Sharpened. Accountability.  Eating the Word.  Praying and trusting.  Learning who I am.  Identity in Christ.  The identity He has given me within the Body.

Cairo Community:  The desert (a lonely place) allows me to cling to the One who offers real life, joy, pleasure and love.  All others are counterfeit.  The World tries to give us a banquet table full of junk food – the Lord displays a beautiful array of healthy, nurturing food to feast on.  The world and its desires pass away, but the one who does the will of the Lord will live forever.  Seeing the poor with more of His perspective.  Not a project  I am not Superwoman – saving the day.  Seeing beauty.  Seeing the image of God.  Seeing gifts.  Seeing value.  How can we operate in our positions as the Body, giving glory to God?  Breaking stereotypes.  Perseverance in tough love. Discipline.  A good Father disciplines His children.  Deeper dependence on Him.  I must decrease so He can increase. 


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