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Testimony November 19, 2007

In the book of Revelation, John declares that we overcome the enemy by the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY, THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, and that WE DO NOT LOVE OUR LIVES UNTIL DEATH…

 Let’s share our testimonies (tiny and grand) in order to encourage one another:


3 Responses to “Testimony”

  1. charredsmore Says:

    Bethany will be writing a testimony here…

  2. paulwwalters Says:

    God was my parachute until I discovered that the reason the parachute wasn’t working well is because it was actually the Pilot. He had been bundled up back there and wanted out, He wanted to do His job. He knew that if I let Him run the controls I wouldn’t need or want a parachute anymore.

  3. Blessings to thrive. Greatly appreciate the quality of your blog and beautiful spirit. R’Goldie

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