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Jennifer Bittinger November 12, 2008

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I am a part of the Hollywood Prayer Network, which connects Christians to intercede for people in the industry. They matched me up with a beautiful young woman named Jennifer Bittinger. She loves the Lord and has a vision to see Him glorified through the entertainment industry. Join me in praying for Jennifer.

Jennifer Bittinger

a voice of truth

Jennifer Bittinger works in entertainment with music and television broadcasting. She is currently finishing her master’s degree in Journalism at Regent University’s School of Communication & the Arts. She is greatly involved with several student-led television shows, student film productions, directed music for the Regent Summer Theatre Camps, and is the national coordinator for Regent University’s Reel Dreams Film Competition.

Jennifer grew up as a minister’s daughter in Ohio. She has competed in national talent competitions, the Miss America Pageant System, and is building her music and entertainment career to be a light of hope to many.

Several of the ways that Jennifer is sharing God’s truth with people is through speaking, singing, and writing. She enjoys to speaking to Christian and non-Christian audiences of all genres enlightening on topics of Self-Worth; Singleness; Leadership; Mentoring; Ministering to Ministers; Selecting Wholesome Media; Being Bold, Beautiful & Brilliant; True Worship; and God Visions.

Since she was 4-years-old, Jennifer has been playing the piano and singing. One of her greatest passions is songwriting and performing music that God gives her to share with others. She is currently recording her first solo album that shares songs of truth like “She’s Me,” “Dream,” and “Unseen.” She desires to encourage and share about the realities of life that can only find their solutions in Christ.

One of the most spontaneous areas of her life encompasses writing! Jennifer has always enjoyed writing articles published in OnCourse Magazine, Brio Magazine, and various online web publications and devotional websites. But, her favorite book series that she is currently working on dives into the sea of singleness, marriage, and how faith affects our relationships. “Single, Sexy & Satisfied: Finding Fulfillment in the Season of Single” is a book that came from the good and bad lessons Jennifer learned from relationships, but also praying about the true purpose God has for people during their times of singleness. The 2nd book in the relationship series is titled “Married, Majestic & Mindful: Changing the World through Your Season of Marriage.” This book opens the numerous doors of opportunities that married couples have to encourage singles around them and also change the world through their season of marriage. Jennifer has also written other books on eating disorders and self-worth. For more information you can go to:

As a humble servant of her Lord Jesus Jennifer says, “I ask the Lord to use me as His voice of truth to the nations that they may see God and know His saving grace.”


The man behind Madea November 3, 2008

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I have been hearing about Medea movies over the last three years since living in Cairo.  Really, I thought the movies would be offensive, so I put off actually watching one of the movies until just this past weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised.  “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” is an inspiring movie.  Yes, some of the humor is less than righteous, but Tyler Perry is reaching out to a different audience than regular “church folk”. He wants to share the gospel with people who would rather step inside a movie theater than a church.

After seeing this interview with Tyler Perry I have a better perspective of his heart, motivations, and inspiration in making films and now his television show, “House of Payne”. 

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Pray for Tyler Perry.
Pray for righteous men and women to raise up in Hollywood!


There WILL be a revival in HOLLYWOOD that touches the nations…expect and observe.


A new name for Hollywood January 16, 2008

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Names are important. 

I believe the Lord gives new names – for individuals and cities.

While I was praying for Hollywood (this is a new burden of prayer) a few days ago, the Lord revealed some things to me.

I remember hearing a vision that someone once had about the name…

They saw the large white letters on the hill – “HOLLYWOOD” and the hand of God came down and plucked out one letter.  He plucked out an “L”, making a new name, “HOLYWOOD”.

As I thought about his, I asked the Lord what the “L” being plucked out represented. 

The “L” represents Love.  They can not serve two masters – they will love one and hate the other. 

2 Timothy 3:1-7

In the last days there will be times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of…








God and others












Considerate of others






Disobedient to parents


Obedient to parents












Whole hearted




Satisfied in the Lord






Without self control


Self Controlled






Not loving good


Loving the things of Phil. 4:8














Lovers of pleasure over lovers of God


First and Second commandment in place


Appearance of godliness but denying its power


Walking in holiness and power of the Holy Spirit


**Don’t just tear down strongholds. Replace with the truth. There are many counterfits right now. Instead of wiping away – TRANSFORM. Just as we pray for transformed hearts in Cairo – not destruction, but mercy. Your kindness leads us to repentance. Transform the hearts of people in Hollywood. Transform this place to be known as “Holywood” redeem all things Lord. Cause the people and productions to align with your Kingdom purposes.

Release your creativity and wisdom from heaven to the believers – let them walk in power and anointing. May they live sanctified lives, may they stand out Lord Jesus, no longer blending into the”Californian culture”.