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Celebrate Love February 21, 2012

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Celebrating love on Valentine’s Day should include the love of your amazing heavenly Father who made a way you to have a personal and intimate relationship with Him through His Son. After all, He is the founder of this thing called love.

Reading this popular passage of scripture, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, I began to break it down in my own way and would like to share it with you. Sometimes doing this helps me put a fresh perspective on deep and profound words from the Bible that can become, dare I say, “common”.

If you are eloquent and speak powerful words in heaven and on earth, but do not have love, you are a clattering mess of noise. If you operate in the prophetic and understand all mysteries and have knowledge and faith to do incredible things, but do not posses love, you are nothing. If you are generous and kind and give all you have to others and even offer up your body, but do not have love, you profit nothing. The motivation behind all things must be love.

Love is a friend who will wait on you; love does not get jealous and is not proud or snotty. Love does not manipulate or control to get its own way; it is not crabby or bitter. Love does not celebrate injustice, but rewards truth. Love is strong and can suffer all things, trust all things, has vision for all things, and can persevere through trials. Love is everlasting. As for some of the gifts, they will not even be necessary when the King returns, our perfect love. When we were young, we were immature and did childish things. As we grew up, we threw out our immature ways. When our Savior returns for us, we will see ourselves clearly, as He sees us. For He will reveal all things and loves us completely and intimately.

Let me close with this, let trust, vision, and love remain in your heart, mind, and spirit. Remember, love is most supreme.


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