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One Choice January 31, 2012

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Spoken Word


You remember that night

Thought it would be so special

But instead…

Something you have regretted since

Nightmares filling your sleepless nights

No where to turn

            Or so you feel

No where safe to with all of that pain and shame

            Or so you believe

Why did that decision come with so much weight?

            My grace is for you, even now

That one night, that one decision, lasting consequences to follow

Just thinking about it, your heart skips

            Come to me child

All you hear is your heavy breath trying to escape the prison of your lungs

            Do you hear my voice?

You pause, and listen closely for that soft voice

Words that so often nourish your soul, when you chose to listen

            I’m here with you, never alone

Weeping you fall to your knees

            I am your safe place

            Please don’t ever forget that

            You can always come home to my arms

            Let go of shame and guilt, you are forgiven

            I will help you walk through the path of restoration

            I want you to be made new

            No longer defined by this decision or ones from the past

            Your identity is in me

            Chose me, chose life, chose freedom

            In my arms you are always free



This was written, not with a specific person or situation in mind.  This is for all of us who have made poor decisions with weighty consequences.  Decisions that have tried to define us and shame us into isolation.  At times we have all chosen to not partner or agree with the heart of Jesus.  He desires to walk with us as we do face real consequences.  His grace is sufficient to make it all brand new.  His restoration power is alive and frees you. 


Will you make the choice to allow his embrace free you?


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