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Love Letter from your Heavenly Father January 31, 2012

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 Dear Child,

Walk in freedom.  Receive my love.  No more restrictions or burdens.  You have not earned my affection, I freely give it.  No heavy loads.  You are free.  You only need to receive it and allow my Spirit to transform you from the inside out.  Yes, I want you to bear fruit, from a place of falling in love.  It’s all about love.  I love you.  I have given my Son to fulfill the law – providing righteousness for all who receive and walk in the Spirit.  You are loved.  I call you m y child.  You have been adopted into my family.  Stop acting like a beggar or an outsider.  You are adopted, I call you my own.  Receive your new identity and walk in my love. 


My love sets you free from all fear and condemnation.  Walk in freedom.  No longer shall my children blend into a world of those who do not know my love.  You are set apart to shine and radiate my love.  Walk in a supernatural grace.  The Spirit empowers you to walk in victory. I change you from the inside out.  Let me have my way. 


Why fear my love and transforming power?  I made you and know you to the depths of your being.  I know you better than you know yourself.  To fear me appropriately is to stand in awe in my presence.  You are free to climb up in my lap anytime you want.  I am a good Father that is available to you 24/7.  I long to hear your sweet voice.  Come to me; share your heart with me.  I long to be close to you.  For you to recognize access to me at all times, for my Spirit dwells in you.  I have found a home in you.  There are such amazing and wonderful things I have for you in this life.  As you rest and abide in me, I will lead you and guide you.  My desires will become yours.  You will have thoughts focused on my love, on things of the Kingdom.  You will act on those thoughts and meditations.  You will sow seed in the Spirit and will reap in the Spirit.  For you have been born again – you truly are a new creation.  No longer do you do the things you once did.  No longer are you defined by those past things.  Your identity is my child bought by blood, the highest and most valuable price.


Why do you allow yourself to go back?  Why do you put on those old rags?  Why do you go back?  You fear intimacy with me and would rather receive from another human.  Do not fear intimacy with me, for this is the place that releases more freedom.  No longer are you walking in the flesh – fulfilling what the flesh desires – sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, dissentions, divisions, envy, and drunkenness.  For sowing in the flesh only reaps flesh outcomes and eventually death.


My child, sow in the Spirit and reap eternal life, for this is what I created you for.  To be with me forever.  To live with me in my Kingdom.


As you walk in my Spirit there is a deeper anointing of my joy, my peace, my love, my patience, my kindness, my gentleness, my self-control.  All of these character traits are fully available to you by my Spirit. 


Fall deeper in love with me.  I’m here.  I’ve never left. I’ve never abandoned you.  I’ve ever stopped loving you.  You are my child.  You are so beautiful to me.  You are more radiant and powerful than you know. 


You are invited into an adventure of a life filled with love.


I invite you to walk with me.  Walk in my Spirit.  Walk in freedom.




Your Daddy


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