My classroom called life…Kingdom lessons

My desire is to abide

Live Out Loud (Poem I wrote for the first page of the yearbook) August 7, 2011

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Listen to those whispers deep within your heart.  

What are they speaking out?  

Those whispers are desperate to come out and play.  

Whispers long to be declared on a megaphone.  

Whispers are gentle tour guides into the possibility of your destiny.  

Butterfly flutters within you, stirring, anticipating the moment of their release.  

Listen to your whispers.  

Longings you never imagined could actually become a reality.  



It’s time.


It’s time to live out loud.



Let the world see your radiant life, your amazing beauty.  

So bright.  

So clean.

Vibrant colors waiting to splash the canvass of your community.



Live out loud.



The world needs your whispers to come alive.


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