My classroom called life…Kingdom lessons

My desire is to abide

Reflections from the School of Worship #2 – Royalty June 23, 2011

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You were born into ROYALTY

Do you know who you are?  Daughter of the King.  Prince.  Yes, once a peasant, now born into a royal family.  When you made the decision to let Christ be your Savior, you were born into the Kingdom of God.  you have access to limitless possibilities.  You Daddy owns it all!  He created it for you to enjoy.

He has given you strength, grace, and favor to live a radical life.  Go for it!  What are you fearing?  What lie is holding you back?  Replace each lie of intimidation, doubt, and fear with confidence of knowing your identity.  You are now a part of the royal family.  Let it sink in to the depths of your soul.  Display this truth in the way you live your life.  It’s all about a perspective shift in your mind that will manifest in your words, actions, and pursuits.  Know who you are in the royal family of God.

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