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“Let’s search for gold” June 23, 2011

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Jesus extended His hand to me as an invitation.  I held onto His hand and we ran along a path…we ran so fast we started flying.  The wind beneath me.  Freeing.  Refreshing.  Effortless.  He swooped down toward a large body of water.  Something that resembled both a river, with the depth of an ocean.  We dove right into the crystal blue water.  Swimming through the ocean, noticing the vibrant colors and beauty within. 
“Let’s search for gold.  I have given you a gift to draw out the gold in people.  This is what I placed in your heart, a desire to look for the gold.  Let’s do it together.” 
Yes, Lord, let us go on this great treasure hunt together.  What a fun adventure.  Let me see what you deposited in them that perhaps has been tarnished by the world.  Let me see a glimmer of your glory in them and draw it out.

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