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Reflections from School of Worship #1 “Open Heaven” June 18, 2011

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Reflections from School of Worship #1

Open Heaven
This is what it feels like to not be in “spiritual warfare” mode all the time.  I feel like I just jumped into this portal that has open and free access to Heaven.  Serious.  Love abounding. Creativity limitless.  Joy intoxicating.  I’m loving this place with Jesus right now.  The Kingdom certainly is here and I am soaking it all in.  There is a sweet spot with the Spirit that we have access to, and I never want to let go.  Now, before I get to exulting a place (in the natural), let me explain.  It’s not about Bethel, it’s not about the School of Worship.  It’s about a culture, it’s about the Kingdom of God kissing the Earth.  It’s about choice.  It’s about perspective.  It’s about love.  Certainly, this is available to all of us, wherever we are living.  There is a momentum when a community of people are loving the Lord passionatley and going for it together.  I long to see this and feel this same thing in Cairo, in Minneapolis, in ________________.  You fill in the blank with your city.  God is good everywhere.  Even in the darkest places.  He is!  I can say that because I have experienced it!  Yesterday, I heard someone say, “Light always wins!”  True.  Think about it…you are in a dark, dark room, someone lights a candle.  The candle’s light pierces the darkness.  Light wins..yay!  I will choose to let the light win in my life.  I will choose to let the light win in Cairo.
I encourage you to look at your life, your heart, your spirit and make a decision.  Chose life, chose joy, chose His goodness.  God is your biggest fan!  That might sound silly, but He really is!  He delights in you.  He created you for love!  So just receive it!  Amen.

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