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Lessons from the Flood – “Revival from the Shelter” May 10, 2011

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As I was carrying my guitar in from the car, I had about five people ask me “Are you leading worship tonight?” “Sure, why not?!?” I had gotten to the shelter earlier that day (at Shawnee Community College), and was planning on spending the night. After spring break, and at least a week out of school, I was really missing my Cairo family and wanted to have some time with them at the Shelter. Amanda had already been there the night before and so I thought it would be a lot of fun for the two of us to put together a little worship dealio.

It felt like a little forerunner meeting, with a small group of misfits. In the natural realm, one would look at this unlikely group and chuckle. Those the world disregards, the Lord embraces. He looks at the heart and not the outward appearance.

During our worship service, we had spontaneous songs, prayer, testimony, and preaching. It was amazing to hear the hearts of those who had been touched by God during this tragedy. A man shared how during this time he had been drawn closer in his relationship with God. He had a deeper desire to read the Word and get back to Church when going back to Cairo. Others were comfortable to lead in prayer (who normally would not have volunteered to pray out loud) as they asked the Lord to transform our community, to bring unity to Cairo as we rebuild. One man even got to preaching…he was not messing around either! Another older gentleman was getting his Holy Spirit dance on…along with calling forth the power of God in the shelter. I got rocked…I mean, I was just on the floor laughing with the joy of the Lord. I was having a great time with my friends. Even a five year old got on the mic and told us how much Jesus loves us!

At the end of our service, one gentleman said, “We should do this every night! Same time, same place!”

Praise God! He is bringing revival to the hearts of the refugees! Amen.


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