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New Lenses November 11, 2010

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Lately, I have been struggling with the students at school.  Some of them have REALLY terrible attitudes.  I know it is much deeper than just a bad attitude.  It comes from deep pain and hurt.  It comes from places that I not familiar with.  It comes from dark places inside of them that the Lord wants to touch and heal.  Of course, this makes teaching a difficult task.  When students are disrespectful, rude, and disruptive…well, let’s just say, teaching becomes a challenge.  At times the apathy is so overwhelming.  At times there is so much junk to sift through before even getting to the lesson.  It’s hard to do all of this in less than an hour.  So, of course I am calling on the name of the Lord.  I am asking for divine wisdom and understanding and strategy.

New lenses.  I want to see things from HIS perspective.  He sees the dark and the light.  He sees the potential – ALWAYS!  He sees things from a Kingdom perspective.  He sees things from the angle of glory.  He sees things from the beginning to the end.  He sees things with a vision in mind.  He sees things with the lens of HOPE.  He sees things from a standpoint of VICRORY.  Victory has already been won for these, His precious children. 
Today, Amanda and I went on a prayer walk around the school at 7:00am.  No school due to Veteran’s Day.  We woke up early and headed out the door excited to meet with our Father as we lifted up the students and faculty.  God certainly met with us and encouraged our hearts.  We walked about 1.5 miles and prayed.  As we prayed He revealed His heart for the students and reminded us of things that He has done in that place.  As we walked He filled our hearts with HOPE and encouragement for the students.  Amen! 

Amanda had picked up a pair of lenses that were in the parking lot of the school.  Haha…she didn’t even know my prayer, but God certainly did.  Talk about a prophetic token of what He was giving me.  I asked for new lenses, and He gave them to me spiritually and physically.  I love it!  New lenses!  Thank you Jesus.



I’m back!

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Today, when I opened my email, I had a comment on my blog.  My blog!  I had almost forgotten that I had a blog.  Seriously, things have been just crazy busy and I have nearly forgotten how much I love updating my blog.  Of course, I am always writing in my journal and reflecting on life…but sharing my writing with family and friends has not been as common these days.  Hmmmm…it’s time to get back into this blogging thing.  Yes, it is time.  So, to bring you up to speed since the last update on the top 10 in San Francisco…goodness.  I might have to give the “cliff notes” version.  And, I still need to write the top ten of my other two fantastic sites from the summer.  The summer…woah!  That seems like a lifetime ago.  I might have to get busy today for these updates.  Good thing I have the day off work to do some reflecting.

Update since the summer:

The summer:

I bounced back from the west coast, after traveling each week to one of my beautiful sites (working as an Area Director with Youthworks).  My summer was spent divided up between Denver, San Francisco, and San Diego…each week traveling to one of these cities to visit my amazing staff teams that were serving with YW.  It was quite the summer!  Talk about adventure and surprise.  God moved in unique ways, in the lives of the youth that came each week, in the lives of the community members, and of course each one of those staff members – including my own life.  We will never be the same.  I am so thankful for the opportunities He gave me to serve and learn through the Body of Christ.

The Fall: 

Coming back to school was quite the transition.  First of all, being back in Cairo was quite the transition.  I was getting used to the city from my summer experience.  I was getting accustomed to the busyness of the city.  It was also nice to be back to this small town where everyone knows your name.  Where you see friends at the post office and the gas station.  Where you can drive from one end of town to the other in less than five minutes.  Hmmm…Cairo.  Yes, I did miss you over the summer.  You have a special place in my heart, Cairo.  A week after I returned, I had a quick turn around to going back into “teacher mode”.  There was a gracious transition as God took care of the details.  It was nice to back in this familiar place.

Going back into the building, it had a different feel.  It felt more peaceful.  It felt more hopeful. There seemed to be more unity among the teachers.  It just had a different all around feel to it.  Sometimes I couldn’t even explain it in words, but there was just something different about the place.  I wasn’t the only one noticing this difference either.  There were other teachers and staff that were saying the same thing.  “There is something different about the CJSHS.”  Hmmm…there is something bigger going on in this place.
I have noticed major POSITIVE changes happening within the school.  I have written about it to friends and family, sharing the testimony of wonderful things that are happening.  It is exciting.  God is moving.  I am seeing prayers being answered.  Even five-year old prayers. 

Perhaps I will share the list of positive changes on the blog for you all to read.

God is moving…