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Top 10 List for San Francisco YW July 16, 2010

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So, I am sitting here at the Youth Enterprise table with Ben, my Program staff, waiting for the youth to arrive back from showers.  We were brainstorming the top ten memories (so far) of living in San Francisco.

#10 –   Taking showers at the mall, for real, the mall!  We bought gym memberships to USA Fitness in order to take showers here.  Now we all have personal trainers too…if only we had more time.

#9 – Going to the Golden Gate Bridge every Monday night and Mount Davidson overlooking the city every Wednesday night.  Beautiful places with beautiful people.

#8 – Pastor Greg walking into the staff boys sleeping room…Heather asks, “Is it a little messy?”  Response, “A LITTLE?!?!?!?!?”  Hahahaha!  How embarrassing.

#7 – Needing space heaters in the sleeping rooms in order to stay warm at night in the summer time…YES, we are in California…but it is COLD up here in the Bay City

#6 – Having rambunctious, energetic, fun, lively, and loving children playing around at Camp Explore; movie days, water days, and field trips…what a blast!

#5 – Worshipping with our Temple Baptist family representing 32 nations…what a diverse community!

#4 – “Hey soul sister remix”, YE fashion show, testimonies, Ben’s talks, silly skits, Katie’s wild and crazy announcements, and of course worship during CLUB time.

#3 – Line dancing to “Let’s Get Loud”, “God Bless Texas”, “Show me the Money”…yes, line dancing can be fun and non-country.  Lol.

#2  Being invited over for dinner by our community members every weekend.   Having such amazing friends this summer in San Francisco bless us with food, service, love, laughter, and prayer.  My favorite is asking if something is spicy, hearing, “no”, only to have your lips feel like they are about to burn off!

#1 – Working with Katie, Ben, Kelly, and David who are talented, gifted, and amazing people who decided to sacrifice their summer to serve in San Francisco.