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My desire is to abide

Gliding (part II) April 6, 2010

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Papa knelt down beside Affection and plucked a few strands of grass to twiddle in his fingers, “Because you, dear Affection, put the stones in the water.” He heard her gasp a little. “ You flung the mountains into the great river.  Your great faith in Me, has been telling mountains here and there to jump into the sea.  You declared something here.  You believed Me for something there.  And as you have been busy displacing rocks, I have been busy letting my water flow.” He scooped His hands down into the water.  “My water.  My Spirit.”  Papa let the water drip from His fingers and scooped more water up again.  So enchanted by the water,  Affection wondered if He might speak again.

      “It’s very agile and strong, didn’t you think,  Affection?” 

      She nodded.

      “I love to see it work.  It has taken the mountains you placed in it, and discovered the jewels  within.  Some mountains were always intended to be jewels, you see.  A royal diadem for my Kingdom.” Papa took His hand from the water and turned to face Affection, placing His hand on hers.    “This has brought me great joy,  Affection.  This work of your life.  I desire to show you how you have done these things.  You must be attentive to my voice, do you understand, Affection?  For I have not only showed you these things to bless you, to reveal to you that you are one who takes the mountains,  but I desire to train you to show others how to do the same.  To teach.  To train.  To mobilize.” Papa looked back out into the great body of water,  “There are more jewels to be found, my Affection, and you will need help.”

      Affection felt His peace.  She was ready for His lessons. 

      “How about we get a closer look at one of these things?”  He winked.

      Affection smiled, and nodded.  Papa took her hand and walked her over to a little boat resting on the bank, which was already full of climbing gear and a picnic basket.  Papa helped her into the boat, and the two set sail through the water of His word towards the nearest sapphire with ropes and carabiners in tow.   The cadence of their conversation filled the air at the two adventurers talked about life, the Kingdom, and the great search for hidden treasure.   

By Sara Rust

copyright 2010


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