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Gliding April 5, 2010

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This is a story that my sweet friend Sara wrote for me as a Birthday gift.  What a precious gift!  She has such an amazing passion and talent for writing.  Check out my prophetic Bday present….

      Music was in the air.  Her spirit could catch it like a sail in the wind.  If she positioned herself one way she might catch the rhythms of an African drum circle,  another way and her spirit might rest on the waves of an eloquent symphony.  Everything about the atmosphere here was charged, whether with color or sound or emotion or wonder, it mattered not.  Everything spoke of life.  Everything spoke of creativity.  It was the environment  Affection was created for,  and the one that was created for her, a perfect intersection of purpose and destiny. 

      She stood with arms opened wide on the grassy overhang, taking in the majesty of her vantage point.  This land had no shortage of stunning landscapes.  Down below and stretching for miles before her were odd mossy rock towers.  She had never seen anything like it and wondered at their significance.  She glanced at the invitation in her left hand.  She loved the delicate vine pattern that wrapped itself around the invitation and ended right at the place where Papa had lovingly written her name.

      As she waited for Him, she couldn’t help but begin to dance to a Salsa melody her spirit was picking up on.  Little did Affection know that Papa had already arrived.  He was nestled under some trees behind her.  He always loved to watch his children’s reactions to His Kingdom.  Without a doubt, each always experienced great joy, but He loved to see the different ways it was displayed.  And in this case,  Affection was dancing up a storm.

      Watching intently, and counting internally, Papa waited until the perfect moment to enter into Affection’s dance circle, take her in His arms and spin her around a bit.  With girlish glee,  Affection squealed as Papa arrived on the scene seemingly out of nowhere, and led her through the most intricate and gravity-defying dance number she’d ever known.

      With a final spin, Papa led Affection right back to where she started with arms stretched out gazing at the mossy pillars.  Attempting to catch her breath, Affection whispered, “What do you call that Papa?”

      “I like to call that little number ‘the dance of my Affection’” He winked.

      Affection laughed, “It’s a fun one, Papa.”  She bent down to put her hands on her knees and catch her breath.  Papa chuckled. 

      “You ready, little lady?  We’ve got a big day ahead of us.” Papa said while returning to the trees behind her.  She turned to follow Him, “Of course Papa, where are we…?”

      Before she could complete her thought she had practically run into Papa, who was not heading back into the woods, but merely retrieving something from behind the trees.  He returned to the grassy overlook with materials and poles gathered under His arms.  Within moments Papa was done constructing a splendid little contraption.  Affection marveled at the sight of it. 

      “She flies like a dream.”  Papa said stroking the iridescent white wings of the hand glider, “shall we get strapped in?” 

      Affection stood staring at the glider.  Of course it was beautiful.  The wings seemed to twinkle as she tilted her head left and right.  She couldn’t help by smile, but it didn’t undermine the fact that Papa would surely be asking her to hurl herself off of the overhang momentarily.  A thought that was simultaneously fantastic and unnerving. 

      Papa needn’t have known her thoughts, though He did.  Her feelings lept off her face.  He gently walked up to her and took her hands, “Affection, I will do the flying, I just want you to use your eyes, and see what we see.” He nodded as if desiring some confirmation from her that she understood.

      She nodded her head and joined Him in getting strapped.  Once they were all geared up, both stood with their arms on the cross beam looking at the wide open air before them.  Affection turned her head towards Papa, and He instinctively placed his right hand on her left one on the cross bar,  “I will do the flying, Affection, just use your eyes.”

      She nodded as she felt His sure hand on hers, and felt again the sweet assurance of all His Words.  His promises were always true, she knew.  His face broke into a goofy grin, “Ready?”

On the count of three, and with Affection’s squeal of delight, the glider soared into the open air.  Up and down, banking left to right; the glider did fly like a dream.  “Affection!” Papa shouted through the sound of the rushing wind, “Open your eyes!”

      Feeling the confidence of the air catching the wings above,  Affection opened her eyes. She gasped, not out of fear or shock, but at the sheer sight of what lay below her and Papa.  The fields of rocky towers, covered in moss were intricately interwoven by a river system.  Waters seemed to surge around the pillars, some like calm streams, others like raging rivers.  Water falls could be seen mingling about the complex water system.  She had to blink her eyes on several occasions to focus on what seemed to be waterfalls that didn’t fall.  Water was flowing up and down, even swirling around as if dancing about the rocky towers.  She felt a tap on her hand.  “Pay close attention,  Affection.  We’re going to the headwaters.”

      The headwaters? How could you know where the water was coming from, so pervasive and spontaneous was it’s flow.

      The glider seemed to descend to a lower altitude gaining speed.  And sure enough the river’s great width began to shrink as Papa and Affection came closer and closer to the headwaters.  This was not the only oddity she tried to understand as they continued their flight, for as they continued to glide, the rocky towers she had seen before, all tall and covered with moss, were beginning to be replaced by smaller towers.  Soon the small rocky towers were replaced by smooth small towers.  And soon after that, Affection felt she might lose grip of the glider as she gazed at a sight so beautiful, it made her physically weak.

      Nestled within the waters now, were beautiful large gems, she could only assume.  They looked like gems, at any rate, though she had no grid for seeing ones that were so massive. They were large, bright,  colorful, smooth and sparkly.  Emeralds.  Amethysts.  Rubies.  Diamonds. Opals. Sapphires.  The water flowed around these large gems and as the light shone on them, and through them, and the water itself came alive with color.

      “I’m going to put us down over there.”  Papa concluded nodding his head towards a little grassy field next to a little stream.  Gently, he brought the glider down.  Papa began to unstrap them both, then took Affection’s hands and helped her up, to turn around and see the horizon of gems swimming in the water.  They stood beside the headwaters and on the banks of a great body of water.  It had looked smaller from the sky.  The sight was so breathtaking, Affection began to tear up. 

      “What is this, Papa?” Affection’s eyes journeyed from left to right, mesmerized by the giant jewels.  He watched her.  He loved just watching her undone by His wonders. 

      “These stones used to look much like the ones you saw at the beginning of our flight.  They were tall and rocky, covered in moss.  Had I taken you further downstream you would have seen taller  towers, eventually hills, and after some time, we would have hit a mountain range.”

      Affection soon found herself kneeling beside the water banks, unsure of what any of this meant, but feeling instinctively that Papa was about to reveal something that would shift something inside her.  She felt the need to brace herself, and the ground was an easy accomplice.

      Taking a moment, she looked up at Papa who was standing beside her,  “Papa, what is the meaning of this – why are you showing me this?”

…..To be continued in the next blog


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