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PR30 – Day 12 March 7, 2010

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PR30 – Day 12 (March 6)

Creative Expression

When I was a little girl, I was constantly creating and expressing myself.  Whether I was dancing in the kitchen, doing gymnastics with my sister in the living room, painting, drawing, writing stories, creating scrapbooks, or playing teacher…it was free-flowing.  As I got older, I tended to be more reserved in creative expression.  Having a bit of fear…will people accept me, is this good, am I beautiful?  I think this is something many teenagers and young adults face as they question their creative expression.  We tend to want acceptance and some of that freedom disappears.  Fear dissolves freedom.  Lately, I have been reclaiming my creative side.  Yes!  God is a creator and He lives inside of me by His Spirit, so I have the capacity to create and express.  Amen.  This is true for you too!

There is a passion deep within me.  A passion to be an ambassador of Heaven in expressing the Kingdom here on the Earth.  There is a passion for mobilizing youth in the arts for worship.  There is a passion within me to raise them up.  I feel it deep on the inside. 

Do I know how this looks? 

Do I understand what steps to take? 

Not really.

I know the one who will  guide me.

This morning, I listened to a podcast from Expression58 ( titled, “Kingdom of Creativity”.  Oh, wow!  My heart was stirred.  Wow!  This is my heart.  This is my destiny.  I was created to worship Him in spirit and truth.  This message is my heart. 



Things shift in the spiritual environment when we worship, when we create, when we express the God in us. 


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