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PR30 – Day 7 March 3, 2010

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PR30 – Day 7 (March 1)

Places to call Home

In my short (almost) 30 years, I have had the amazing opportunity of living in many diverse states and environments.  In each of these places, I have come to appreciate different cultures and people.  Living in community with other people really teaches you a whole bunch and refines you.  I will have to write a whole blog about this community living thing to share some thoughts.  I’m definitely a fan! 

Here are a few of the unique places I have lived:

  • Grew up in White Bear Lake, MN
  • College at the University of WI- La Crosse
  • Lived at a YMCA Camp for almost a year while working as an Outdoor Educator/Teambuilding Facilitator (WI)
  • Lived in Lake Tahoe, CA for a summer doing mission work (yes, it was mission work)
  • Lived in Boulder, CO for a summer as I worked with a youth ministry.
  • Lived in a Teacher’s Lounge of an old shut down school during my first summer with YouthWorks in West Virginia.  For real, it was a Teacher’s Lounge.
  • Lived in a church classroom while working my second summer with YouthWorks in Alamosa, CO.
  • Lived in community with some amazing peeps in Cairo, IL for the past five years.
  • Various mission trips throughout the years: Detroit, Panama City Beach, New Orleans,  Biloxi,  Hungary (Europe), Jerez (Mexico), and Mozambique (Africa).

I am thankful for each place, the people I have met, and the lessons learned.  Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to travel to so many different places.

This summer, I will have new adventures in San Fran, San Diego, and Denver!


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