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California Lovin’ January 30, 2010

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This summer, I am in for an adventure…
I was hired to work with YouthWorks ( this summer as an Area Director over three sites out west.  Originally, I was going to apply to work with YouthWorks as a “Starter” to help one site get stated their first week.  One summer I was hired as a Starter and went back to Alamosa, CO (where I had spent a summer working as a Site Director previously).  It was a lot of fun reconnecting with the community and working with the new YW staff.  As I began to ponder my summer and think about where I wanted to be and where I thought the Lord was taking me…I kept having these thoughts that I should apply to be an Area Director.  I was actually picturing myself in that position and getting really excited about the possibilities.  So, the next step was filling out the application and interviewing.  I was hired the next day!  My placement came a week later.

Of course, I was SO EXCITED to get my placement.  I was really submitting this all to the Lord, trusting in His placement and the discernment He gave the leadership team.  For some reason, I have had the East Coast on my heart lately, and have met many new friends from the East Coast (at conferences).  The thought of going to NYC was running through my mind, but also overwhelming.  I told my interviewer that I had been feeling a tug towards the East Coast, but really wanted to be flexible and go where they directed.  The funny thing is…I was placed exactally where I originally wanted to be.

I am super pumped about this new opportunity to be working on the WEST COAST in California and Nevada.  This summer I will be supervising three sites:

San Francisco, CA

San Diego, CA



Denver, CO

Wonderful!  Splendid!    I am praying for my three staff teams already and look forward to meeting these amazing people that I will have the privilege of working with this summer.  Oh, an added bonus:  My friend Zach works with the church in San Fran that we will be partnering with in San Fran!  How cool is that?!?  And, I have other friends in the Bay Area and San Diego, and plenty of new friends I haven’t met yet!


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