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The Break In October 17, 2009

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Hanging decorations at Bennet Elementary School, I never imagined the sight I would see afterwards when I went to my car.  It was parked right outside the school, right under a light.  The light shining into my car, illuminating the purse sitting in the back seat.  Yes, I should have known better!  I should have hidden the purse, or at least brought it in with me to the school.  I just don’t always think of those things.  Call it naivety, or something like that, perhaps I like to think the best of people and assume the best.


Standing in glass, I realized I was standing on my window, crushed in tiny little pieces. Yes, my driver’s side backseat window had been smashed out with a brick.  The brick had been thrown so hard, it hit the opposite side panel and crushed the door handle.  Paint chips and scratches were on the outside door panel.  Awesome.  Just two days before my best friend’s wedding and I have to deal with this mess.  I was mad.  Not only did I have to take care of the mess and get my car fixed up, my purse was gone. 
I’m not really that shallow, but I really liked my purse.  It was something my mom bought me at a thrift store and was brand new.  Also, my wallet with all my credit cards, checks, and of course no cash (I never have cash on me).  Oh, and my camera that my sis gave to me at Christmas.  It had about 500 pictures and 20 videos on it, along with yearbook pictures for school.  One more thing, my super cute lip gloss that I had just splurged on a couple weeks ago.  I hardly ever buy expensive makeup.  Aaaahhhhh!  Melissa called the police, who’s station is only a block away from the school, I cried a little, prayed and had to let it go.  Here it was my best friend’s wedding in 48 hours and I wanted to enjoy THOSE moments, not think about my sucky situation.  We choose what our minds will fixate on. 


Sure, I called my bank, credit card companies, wrote a police report, and had to settle things with my insurance company…we do what we need to do.  People kept telling me since it was vandalism, it would probably covered 100% by Progressive.  Hmmm, not the case.  Apparently this falls under “comprehensive”, which the deductible is set up by the customer, based on what they want to pay each month.  The reason why I am giving so much information is because I NEVER thought this would happen to me and so I had a $500 deductible.  Bad idea.  I could have had a $50 deductible for only $9 more each month.  I believe it is worth it!  For sure!  Also, I added roadside assistance for only 50 cents per month.  That’s right I did say, 50 cents per month.  That’s a better deal than AAA in my opinion.  Friends, I encourage you to check out your policy, see what it covers, ask what the change in price would be for a lower deductible.  It’s not like Health Insurance where you can just rack it up for the year either, each separate incidence, you will have to pay a deductible.  Perhaps you already knew that, I have never had to claim anything on my auto insurance.   


Here is the current situation:

I have a guy working on the car, Jim -E’s Auto Body Repair.  He’s a great guy, his brother is my neighbor at school, his classroom right next to mine.  He came out late on Thursday night and wrapped my window in plastic so my interior would be protected from the elements, and so I could drive it a little bit without freezing my butt off.  That was super helpful!  Once I got my rental situation all figured out, I dropped off my Prius and he said I should have it by next Tuesday.  No big deal.  The insurance guy cut the check, which ended up being $1830, and I owe my stinkin’ $500 for someone elses sin.  God is good though and there have been little blessings along the way.  One of my friend’s handed me $100 and said, “The Lord told me to give this to you.”  Talk about obedience!  Thank you Jesus!  I also received a couple reimbursement checks from Two Rivers.  Another couple of friends bought me a wallet just like my old one!  WOW!  Too much!  I am blessed.  Now, I am praying redemption on the camera and lip gloss situation, and I want my digital files back too!  Know what I’m saying? 


I almost forgot to tell you another piece of the puzzle.  An acquaintance called me at school to let me know she picked up a letter of mine.  I was confused until she told me the address on the letter.  Of course, it had been in my purse, I was ready to send it out and it had been tossed in the wind when the thief stole my purse.  Why would they want that?  She found it along the path that many people walk when going to and from McBride housing project, which is right by the school where my car had been parked.  Hmmm…she also said she saw business cards and other random objects that were in the purse.  I am so glad she called!  I went over after school to investigate.  No, I didn’t find my purse or anything valuable I had within it, but I did find some business cards of contacts I had in my purse.  If you know me, you know I tend to collect business cards wherever I go, I am always meeting new friends. This was good, I picked them up one by one, soaked, dirty, and limp.  Haha, I had to laugh at myself as I was investigating the field.  I was hoping for more clues. 


No, I don’t think it was personal.  Most people know what vehicle I drive, along with my students, but at this point there is no reason to think it was a personal attack on me.  The kids at school didn’t even know anything about it, and if one of them was involved, news would travel fast and I would know about it.


I’m driving a really unique looking vehicle, I had to pick out the most unusual one at Enterprise.  Since they didn’t have a bright yellow Mustang, I chose the vibrant red HHR 2009 with only 400 miles on it.  Yea!  I am driving a red refrigerator box on wheels!  Hey, it’s a great car, I am just looking forward to getting mine back.

In closing, I want to thank God for His redemption story in this tale.  I know it is still being worked out and I am thankful for yet another opportunity to trust HIM!


John 10:10