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Faith Like Potatoes September 8, 2009

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This movie has been stirring in my heart for ’bout a week now.  The movie is about a humble farmer and his family moving on faith to plant potatoes during a drought season in order to reap an unlikely harvest.  The thing is, the Lord had recently encountered this farmer and his family.  They were now living their lives to please their Maker, not themselves.  They were now living their lives operating not based on sight, but faith. 


 He felt the Lord had prompted him to plant potatoes, even though the soil was dry as a cork, even though it did not seem possible that potatoes could grow.  The other farmers mocked and thought, “What’s the point?”  He moved in faith.  At the end of the season, the farmer went out with one of his hired men and they dug up the ground with timid pitch forks to observe the harvest.  What they saw brought tears, dancing, rejoicing, and HOPE.  They had potatoes!  Yes, in the midst of a dry season, they had potatoes!  WONDERFUL!  FABULOUS! 


As I watched there were many parallels in the spiritual realm to my life here as a missionary/teacher.  You see, a potato must be sown into the ground in order to reap a potato.  I had to sow my life in this community, lay it down.  Lay down expectations, lay down what I wanted, lay down what I thought I knew or could do.  I had to lay my little potato self down in order to see a harvest.  There’s lots going on underneath the soil, but you don’t see it until harvest time.  That’s what it’s like here in Cairo.  I KNOW there is a LOT going on in the spirit realm, but it is hard to see.  I know our harvest time is coming soon, when the Father will tell us to start digging up those beautiful potatoes we have been waiting for for four years.  Yes, I long for the day!  I look forward to that day with anticipation and excitement.  I believe it is coming soon.  When all other farmers (of worldly passions) will look upon us Kingdom Farmers with mockery, “How could potatoes possibly grow up from that dry ground of Cairo?”  Believe it or not, you will see a harvest of potatoes!  I believe!


 The whole community will enjoy this harvest of potatoes, just like in the movie.  They all came out to enjoy the produce from this humble farmer’s field. 


Let’s believe for potatoes this year!


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