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Are you FREE? (Part I) July 4, 2009

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What does this word mean to you?  Many different meanings to many different people.  Ask the same question to people of different cultures, people of different lands, people facing different kinds of struggle…


I ask you, “What does freedom look like for your life?”  “Are you free?  Really free?”


Hmmmm…this is the type of question that you ponder.  Don’t answer right away.  I’m not talking about that Sunday school answer either.  The one you know I want to hear.  I am talking about getting real with yourself.  I’m not even talking about a collective type of freedom either.  Not the type we blanket over our country, community, church, or even family.  I’m talking, the up close and personal freedom for YOU. 


So, I ask again, “Are you free?”  Just think on that for a moment, or two or ten.  I know I need to do the same. 


Where do we find freedom?  What brings freedom?  Is it given to us?  Do we achieve it ourselves?  Is it lasting?  Do we maintain it?  Is there a cost?  Is it expensive?  Do we experience it daily?  Can we experience it every moment?  Are there different kinds of freedom?  Can you be in a situation that doesn’t really appear to have freedom written all over it, and still be free in your heart and spirit?  Can people who are oppressed be free?  Do some give the illusion of freedom, but really they are in a prison of their own mind or spirit?  Can anyone rob you of your freedom?  Can real freedom last?


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