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SMG: Day 70 April 11, 2009

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Happy Birthday to me!  This was a little bit ago, but I wanted to give a quick b-day story.

SO, by now if you know me, you know I like surprises.  It’s probably one of my love languages.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant or “out there elaborate”, but just a surprise, something out of the ordinary.  I like doing that sort of thing for other people and I like it when they do it for me too.  Sometimes, you have to switch things up, in how you show other people your love…in how they best recieve.  Anyway, mini sermon is finished, on to the b-day.


Stacy and Jesse (my roommate and her bf) planned this surprise for me, but the whole team was a part of it.  When you live in a small town and have little money, your fun evenings tend to get a little on the creative side.  So, my friends kidnapped me and put a blindfold around my eyes as they drove me around to different community member’s homes.  It was really a fun blessing to go around visiting with community friends on my b-day.  We have been able to invest in people’s lives, but also build friendships where the giving and receiving is mutual.  I was major blessed by our evening journey as we went from house to house and closed the evening at Kristy’s house. 

Thanks ladies and gentleman for a wonderful night of b-day blessings!



Update on School Stuff:

No, I am not 30 yet…people seem to freak out a little when they get there. I hope I am not one of them. I had a sweet day filled with surprises and blessings. My students were mostly on good behavior at school, until I got to the afternoon. That’s usually how the story goes. They get a little excited and anxious to get out of the building…I think I need to start incorporating some exercises or something to get them a little more active. They need something. Anyway, so the afternoon came around and we had PBIS…still not sure what that stands for, I am sure Ms. G can help a sister out (if she is reading this :). Basically PBIS is a way to reinforce positive behavior. The students who are not on the “naughty list”, meaning they have not recieved a detention, referal, or suspension in the last month are able to participate.  Now, you would think that the majority of the students would be involved…more like half.  It’s a sad story…ever Tuesday and Thursday the detention list is announced from the loud speaker, the list is very long.  It doesn’t seem to phase the students (some of them anyway).  At the school we are really cracking down on tardys and other behaviors.  I hope it starts to work.  I pretty much lay it down in my classroom.  They think they can get away with stuff with the nice new teacher…no way.  There are so many parallels to the Father’s unconditional love and discipline when I am in that school…everyday I learn from my students.  It’s really a blessing, although difficult and challenging.  Three years ago, I would not have been able to do do this job, okay last year I would not have been able to do this job.  If I can now, it is ONLY by the grace of God. 


Note on Discipline:  I want to share a VERY important lesson I have learned while disciplining the students (espescially the boys).  When I am asking them why they did X, Y, Z behavior or telling them why X, Y, Z behavior was inappropriate they get a little funny.  They won’t look me in the eye and they try to get out of it.  I mean, some of them just flat out walk away while I am disciplining them.  What?!?  I would have NEVER even thought of disrespecting a teacher like that when I was in Junior High.  They don’t know what to do.  I think it’s a combination of things…feeling like the tough guy who doesn’t want to be geting repremanded by a teacher or it is a feeling of shame.  It is totally like that with God too.  We feel bad and we are in shame, we tend to want to run away in guilt and shame.  Man!  He loves us!  I love those teenagers!  I tell them too…”You know I care about you, right?!?”  “I wouldn’t be here unless I wanted to be.”  “I am choosing to spend my day with you all, because I want to be your teacher.”  You are each unique and talented in your own way and can accomplish anything.”  “When I discipline you, it doens’t mean I love you any less.”  “You’re all my favorites.”  It’s constant affirmation, but still, when it happens, they think I don’t like them, or they aren’t my favorite, or I am just picking on them.


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