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Hope for those caught in the trap of sex trafficking March 8, 2009

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Stop Sex Trafficking

(A friend of mine is part of this effort in putting together resources to bring awareness to people and bring them to a place of motivation to actually DO SOMETHING about this terrible crime.)

Another good friend, Jessica McClure, who had previously worked at Two Rivers (and lived in the bedroom next to mine), and is still a part of our family is going to Thailand for three months. She will be working with women who are a part of the sex trafficking industry, helping them see there is a way out. She will be going with AIM (Adventures In Missions) her current employer.

Please check out her blog for more information.

If you have a heart to be a part of this, please ask the Lord how you can get involved. There are numerous ways you can help these women and men…

  •  Learn more about sex trafficking and how people are affected.
  • PRAY!!!!
  • Tell friends about it, post a video on your blog, website, facebook, myspace, or email it out to your friends and family (many are unaware at the alarming numbers of PEOPLE who are caught in this trap.
  • Ask if you can do a presentation at your Bible Study, fellowship group, or church on this topic to bring awareness to the church.
  • Do a fundraiser and send money to indigenous leadership in a country that are creating safe places for women to find refuge.
  • Support a missionary working in this field.
  • Ask the Lord if YOU are to GO.
  • Be brave, courageous and fight this battle…for we do NOT fight against flesh and blood (Eph. 6).

Transformed Communication… March 3, 2009

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This blog is in process, so I will add to it.

Basically my phone is a bit jacked up, so it is getting fixed.  Hmmmm…is there a parallel?  I think so.  In the way I communicate…sometimes jacked up and coming from a place of brokenness.  So I ask forgiveness to all of you that I have hurt, offended, or simply broken trust with because of my words.  This is definitely an area the Lord is fixing.  Sure, I can try to fix it, that wouldn’t go too far either, I am asking that the Holy Spirit guard my words and tongue so that I would only speak loving, kind, and truthful words to people.  Grace and Truth…that balance is not always easy. 


Jesus did a pretty good job at it, and He is alive in me…so there is HOPE!


My phone is getting fixed, so I have a loaner for a couple weeks…it’s not as cool as my phone, but I will survive. Reminds me of Amander’s “humility phone.”  

Please email me: with your phone number.


Otherwise, I will be talking to you in couple weeks.  That’s cool too.  I probably talk too much on my phone.  If you text me, I will probably not know who it is from unless you sign your name.


“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up, according to their needs that it may be benefit those who listen.”

Ephesians 4:29



SMG: 28-37 March 1, 2009

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YIKES! I have not been too faithful in keeping up with my blogging. Good thing I didn’t promise it from day 1…see I knew this would be difficult. Perhaps it will change when I settle down and start my teaching job and am in one place for more than a couple days. I have been on the road so much it has been difficult to put words on here. Of course, I have been doing a LOT of reflecting and pondering about many things…but not for the whole world to view.


Let’s see, where should I begin…I actually had to re-read my last entry to see where we left off. I had just finished up with the wedding updates.


So, here we go, buckle up for some fun adventures. At least they were fun for me…if you are bored, just go on to reading the next blog…it’s okay with me.


Funny Story:

The setting…a creepy hotel in an unnamed suburb of the twin cities in MN.  Don’t worry, all is okay, I just had to get OUTTA there! My sister and Israel came back earlier than I thought from their honeymoon. I was house sitting and had made arrangements for the following day of staying with a close friend. But, I didn’t expect them to be home so early…so I had to figure something out. They wanted to visit with Mo, Alex and myself (Israel’s sis and bro-in law) to share about their honeymoon extravaganza and pics…which was hilarious! These two have a way of getting themselves into some interesting situations. Or, maybe they are just great story tellers…perhaps a little embellishment. So, we are visiting for just a little bit…right…two and a half hours later I am getting kicked out of the house. Not really, but I did need to go somewhere else. My friend from hs said I could hang with her, but I knew she was exhausted and sleeping. It is about 11:30 at night and I am driving around the city trying to get a hold of her…she is in fact asleep. SHOOT! It is my fault, I took too long. Of course there are like 50 people I could have stayed with…but I wasn’t about to call them at midnight (during the work week).  I decide to go to a hotel, I need some alone time anyway…pulled up to a hotel (not sharing the name). Had a creepy feeling right when I walked in. Got my key and went to the room. You won’t believe what happened! The light was on and someone was in the bed. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I shut the door and ran to the front desk. Told the girl and she began to tell me of a “homeless man” who once got a key and came into sleep in one of the rooms…but not to worry, it has only happened once since she started in July. Oh, now I’m okay! Nothing to worry about, right? Only once…HA! So, she gives me another key for a room upstairs after apologizing. I am walking up there thinking, “There is NO WAY I am staying here!” Usually I am not fearful of these types of situations, but while walking in the hallway, I was wondering…are these doors even secure? I hesitate to open the door, at least the light is off. I turn it on with in-trepidation, and take a quick glance…the room is a MESS! I’m so out of here, this isn’t even funny anymore. I’ve traveled a lot and stayed in many different hotels…this has NEVER happened. I think the Lord was probably protecting me. So, I get my money and go…to my friends house. Yeah, she woke up and called and all was well with the world. Trust your intuition friends. It might be the Holy Spirit warning you.






On my way to Kansas City…I love road trips and I even love them when I have no one else with me. It’s like a mobile prayer room. Time to reflect, pray, sing, listen, and get really loud with God. Sometimes I like to do that…and it can be a bit embarrassing with other people around. So, there I was in my mobile prayer room on the way to Kansas City.




I pulled into the parking lot and wondered what the Lord had for me…there are ALWAYS lots of surprises for me in this place. I wondered who I would reconnect with, I have quite a few friends who live in KC, so I never really know. I don’t try to make tons of plans and usually don’t have that much time, so I just roll with it. The first person I saw was a friend I met just a couple months ago when I went to the Luke 18 conference. It was good to reconnect and we went out to eat at IHOP (the pancake house). While there we had some good chats and I also was able to connect with a Messianic Jewish sister who works there. She’s great. Lots of energy and sees her job totally as a ministry. Talk about a prayer warrior! We also meet a family that connects to the prayer room once in a while and belong to a church nearby. Their son is a Christian rapper. We pray with them. Then, a young group (about our age) come to that same table. One of the ladies overhears our convo. and looks real pleased. She tells us that she just got roked by the Lord that morning. We end up sharing some testimonies. Good stuff. Finally it is time to go home…or at least to my friends house.

lacraeThe next day I had a good visit in the prayer room and coffee shop. I got a new CD, “Lacrae”…he’s a Christian rapper and pretty ligit too. I listened to his stuff on the way back to Cairo. Really appreciate his lyrics. Someone told me he gives a lot of his revenue to charity…I’ll have to check that out.



Melissa and Sara warmly welcomed me back to Cairo with a delicious meal of lasagna, salad, and rolls. Talk about a special surprise. The fellowship was so good. I missed my TR family more than I realized this month! God is doing so much with each of them and I look forward to hearing all about it. I was exhausted and went to bed SUPER early! I needed it.



The next day I hopped on over to the CHOP (Cairo House of Prayer) and was able to connect with the other ladies (Gary and Sharon were still out of town at this point). We prayed for each other…it was sweet. I was on my way to the Rapha House for some relaxation and refinement. Little did I know what God had in store for me.


I am still with our good friends Steve and Varvah with Hearts of Fire International. They are such a dear couple that really seek the King and Him glorified on the Earth. They have a way of ministering like I have not seen a whole lot in the Body of Christ. Really honest, truthful and gentle. You never feel attacked or blocked in a corner, you just feel free. That’s how it should be with this kind of healing ministry. I’m talk about issues of the heart. So, the past week has been challenging, hard, humbling, stretching, refining and purifying and GOOD! This time has been necessary for me to move forward in the assignments He has called me to and just simply in my relationship with Him. It’s never fun to be exposed, but the outcome is always for His benefit and your own. It’s hardly ever fun to “submit”, but I am learning that it is more beneficial than being independent. We all have junk in our lives…the difference is who will actually deal with it? If we go on like nothing is wrong it will eventually kill us. My mom said something pretty profound while I was home, “Unforgiveness can eat you up, and spit you out…until there is nothing left.”  She was speaking to a close relative about the issues of unforgiveness. Go MOM! I don’t think I have ever heard her that bold and courageous in her words. Amen. We are all learning and growing into the things God really has for us.


The theif comes only to steal, kill an destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
(John 10:10)