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Leading Worship March 22, 2009

Filed under: Worship — charredsmore @ 5:35 am

A few weeks back I was visiting a ministry called Hearts of Fire, and the leadership team asked me to lead worship on Sunday morning.  I was a bit nervous about it because I have NEVER lead worship before…not even for the TR fam.  I was also excited about it, so I took the chance and said yes.

Sunday morning came and I was just totally pumped to lead worship with my guitar.  I had practiced on Saturday night and put together some worship songs for the morning, knowing it could all change the next day.

It was a sweet time…I only went through a few of the songs because we ended up camping out and just loving on Jesus right there with some prophetic worship.  I really felt the Holy Spirit was leading me during the time of worship, it was just so natural and FUN!

Lord, may it always be about you.  Have your way with my voice and guitar.  Teach me other instruments so I may worship you fully and freely!


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