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Irony… March 11, 2009

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Today I found a situation slightly ironic…


A small group of us teachers were chatting in the hallway before the stampede came through in the morning. One of the teachers was commenting on the fight that happened the day before.


It was a pretty big fight. I was preparing lessons in the teachers lounge, headphones in, just humming along when I hear an uproar in the hallway. Man! I was not about to go out there and be the first teacher in the midst of a huge fight. These girls don’t mess around. So, I just stayed put and prayed. I knew Coach was on his way down along with the substitute security guy.  It wasn’t that I was being passive, or maybe I was, I just didn’t know what my role was at that time. I heard yelling like I’ve never heard. Or, maybe I have, I do live in this town with their parents. It’s all pretty sad to me. There seems to be no conflict resolution skills…it’s all just punches and cussing. No reason. When you talk to the students about it, they will tell you flat out that their PARENTS tell them to fight back, not to be a wimp. Hmmm….interesting, I was never told to do that. Then again, I never found myself in that situation. When I tell the girls no one ever tried to jump me, they are very surprised. It is just part of their life. To make matters worse, the fight was over a dude in the high school.


Alright, back to the convo. today. One of my coligues mentions that she observes MANY of the fights happening right there in that exact hallway (where the fight broke out yesterday and where we were standing at the time – right outside her classroom). Interesting….the ironic part is that there is a banner right above that spot (hanging from the ceiling) with the large block letters spelling out SELF DISCIPLINE.


So, there you have it, my next prayer request for CHS, it couldn’t be any clearer…



2 Responses to “Irony…”

  1. paulwwalters Says:

    You’re gonna have so much to blog about now as a teacher! I’m looking forward to it! 😀

  2. charredsmore Says:

    Agreed. Good stuff too!

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