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Hope for those caught in the trap of sex trafficking March 8, 2009

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Stop Sex Trafficking

(A friend of mine is part of this effort in putting together resources to bring awareness to people and bring them to a place of motivation to actually DO SOMETHING about this terrible crime.)

Another good friend, Jessica McClure, who had previously worked at Two Rivers (and lived in the bedroom next to mine), and is still a part of our family is going to Thailand for three months. She will be working with women who are a part of the sex trafficking industry, helping them see there is a way out. She will be going with AIM (Adventures In Missions) her current employer.

Please check out her blog for more information.

If you have a heart to be a part of this, please ask the Lord how you can get involved. There are numerous ways you can help these women and men…

  •  Learn more about sex trafficking and how people are affected.
  • PRAY!!!!
  • Tell friends about it, post a video on your blog, website, facebook, myspace, or email it out to your friends and family (many are unaware at the alarming numbers of PEOPLE who are caught in this trap.
  • Ask if you can do a presentation at your Bible Study, fellowship group, or church on this topic to bring awareness to the church.
  • Do a fundraiser and send money to indigenous leadership in a country that are creating safe places for women to find refuge.
  • Support a missionary working in this field.
  • Ask the Lord if YOU are to GO.
  • Be brave, courageous and fight this battle…for we do NOT fight against flesh and blood (Eph. 6).