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SMG: 17, 18, 19, 20 February 11, 2009

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Blessings showered on my sister Stacy as we gathered to celebrate her and Israel’s union.  I rolled right in to Beth’s driveway right on time for the shower with the women in my family and Israel’s mom.  It was great fun.  My mom, grandmas, aunties, old babysitter, best friend from three years old, neighbor, and sisters were all there.  What a special time to honor and celebrate Stacy. 



Bachelorette Par-Tay

Stacy’s friends all came to her and Israel’s new house for a sweet time of fellowship and dancing.  We started the night out with introductions…share a funny/embarrassing story you have with Stacy.  She’s pretty good at that…so there are LOTS of stories.   You know I love you girl!  Some of them even had pictures from back in the day when they were together in Elementary School.  Talk about laughing hysterically!  I was even a part of some of those pics…memories…some things you can just go right back to…even if it has been 20 years!  Dang, I am OLD!  Her good friend Emily came (1st grade friend).  WOW!  How funny!  She’s great, it was really good to reconnect with her.  So, after the stories, we had some dinner and wine…then we got ready to go out on the town.  No, not Minneapolis…Sommerset.  Come on!  Our other sister Kelly DJs and does Karaoke at the Rendezvous bar on Saturdays…so we wanted to hit that up…a little more low key than the city!  haha.  Anyway, I didn’t get to go because one of the girls got a little sick (no, not from alcohol) and I brought her home.  All is well…Stace called me when they sang “Going to the Chapel” so I was able to still enjoy the music with them!  I was there in spirit.  I will have to hit that up sometime though…Kelly is quite the DJ! 



Auntie and a Movie Defiant

 It was nice spending some quality time with my Auntie.  She is so kind, generous, hospitable and loving.  I prayed that some of that would run off on me.  We went to the movie Defiant, which by the way is AMAZING!  The setting is 1941, WWII, Nazis taking over…Jews hiding in the forest.  This band of brothers took responsibility over a small group in hiding and it actually became a group of probably 1,000 or more.  They spent three winters in those trees.  Can you imagine?  It was amazing to see the community, love, sacrifice, and leadership of these people.  Totally reminded me of the Israelites in the desert…the grumbling, the complaining, the community, the provision, the love, the miracles, the survival.  AMAZING!  I would love to meet some of the people that were a part of this group, or their children.  I think I need to do some research…

There are a couple other movies currently out about WWII.  I didn’t really know this because I don’t have a TV and don’t see previews.  Some friends had told me about Valkyrie, Defiance, and the Boy in the STriped PJs (I think that is the title).  Anyway, I recomend watching them.  It would be good for your soul.


After the movie we went to one of my fav. restarants…Chipotle.  Yummy!  Next we went home and had some good chats…I filled her in on Cairo and my life and teaching and lots of things.  Finally, Grammy time!  I was a little disappointed, I thought my man LL Cool J was going to be hosting.  What happened to that?!?  I actually fell asleep during the awards show I was so tired, good thing a friend taped it for me!  I’ll have to catch up on that after the wedding. 🙂 

I slept over and she made me a delicious breakfast in the morning!  I felt so spoiled!  Thanks for being an amazing Aunt!



Wedding Plans

So I am officially a Wedding Planner!  Yes, I am available…call me and we can chat details!  Really, I love this stuff…weddings, couples, love, planning, organizing, details, stress…I LOVE IT!  I really don’t get stressed much so this is a perfect job for me.  It’s all fun.  Keep praying that I have a servants heart and that I am selfless in helping Stace and Israel…it is NOT MY WEDDING!  There are things that I would definitley do differently, but WHO CARES?!?  It is not my day.  Man, I really need to get over myself sometimes.  It is teaching me a lot about humility and servanthood. 

Bless these next three days Jesus.  Let me be invisible.



Israel/Church/College Friends/High School Friends

Went to Woodland Hills Church on Sunday.  I used to attend there pretty regular when I lived in the cities and Hudson.  Israel and I went together because Stacy was at work.  It was good to spend some quality time with my soon to be brother.  He is already really my brother in Christ, but you know what I’m saying.  It was a sweet message on the Kingdom of God being in us NOW!  Amen to that!  I appreciate Greg Boyd.  He get’s a lot of flack from people, but I really think his heart is in the right spot.  I may not agree with everything…but really when does that happen anyway? 


I ran into a couple old friend from college that I had not seen in probably six years or more!  Yeah, that was fun!  They are married and have a beautiful boy.  They are now attending this church, which I think will be really good for them.  The husband was my Bible Study leader when I first became a Christian – Angel Hall baby!  Talk about a baby…I was seriously on milk.  Sometimes I still am!  For those who are totally confused by that sentence…the Bible talks about the immature in Christ needing milk (like a baby)…the basics of the Word.  The mature are on steak…the more in depth things of God.  Yeah, I’m glad I’m a carnivore!  Haha, just kidding.


Ran into an old high school friend at the mall.  He is managing his Dad’s store.  It was real good to see him…it had been 10 years!  Yeah, I love reconnecting with people.  Two of my bfs from high school are coming to the wedding…I can’t wait!  Some other close friends will also be there – from the TR team and elsewhere…I am just inviting everyone!  WHy not?  My sister only get’s married ONCE!  It will be like a school dance…haha…bust a move. 



Sister Time

It’s been real good hanging out with Stace planning wedding stuff.  She’s all over the place…working, unpacking their new house, paining, cleaning, moving stuff, wedding stuff, shopping…WOW!  I am glad she is starting to have fun with all of this.  We have a good time together, mostly.  When I keep my mouth shut.  For real, I am learning how submit my words…it is NOT easy, but is GOOD!
Spent the night in Sommerset with my older sister, brother in law and nephews.  I love this sweet time with my family!  It is sometimes hard living so far away and not having this quality time all the time.  We had some good chats, laughs, made these cool sparkly t-shirts for the ladies in the wedding, watched my favorite movie, and cuddled with my nephews, listened to Talon play the keyboard, laughed at the new puppy, helped with school Valentines and had a blast.  I miss this stuff!  My nephews have to be the coolest kids on the block.  They are so smart!  I said to Kelly, I better have kids soon or their cousins are going to be like 20 years apart!  Good thing I want teenagers first.  They are all at work and day care/school, so I am just cleaning the house, reading and catching up on blogs.  I need to get bacm to the city though to take Stacy out to get her nails done.  Good times. 


Thank you Jesus for this sweet time with my family and friends.  Multiply the time…let me live in the moment…let me die to myself and love others well. 



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  1. paulwwalters Says:

    It sounds like you’re busy having a good time! I’ve been wanting to see Defiance; I was going to see it one day but the weather was too nice and I ended up doing other things. Valkyrie was very good, you should see it!

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