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SMG: 14, 15 February 6, 2009

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These days are flying by so fast it is hard to keep up with recording.


Hmmmmmmmm, where to start? 


I have been chillin’ in La Crosse with my old college friends, which has been a major blessing.  As I spend time with them I realize how much I have changed and how much they have also grown.  Mostly on similar paths with the Lord.  It has been encouraging to see their increased faith and maturity.  Spending time with Bethany and the twins has been fun (although short due to busy schedules – and we have a date today that I am looking forward to).  I am so blessed to have this friendship that has taught me so much about Christ. 




As I spend time on campus memories flood my mind: Trowbridge Hall, Angel Hall, Hutch Hall, RA stuff, Education classes, Campus Crusade for Christ, Retreats, Mission trips, Panama City Beach SPring Break, Worship, Prayer, OUtreaching on the drunk bus, Late night talks, Perkins, Stats, STudying with friends, Cartwright, Pancake Breakfasts, Food Fights, King Street Castle, West Ave Wonderland, Mr. Ds, YMCA, The Salvation Army, Tutoring Program, Clinicals, Embarrassing Moments, Laughable Moments, Concerts, Awakenings, VIP, Envisage, Bluffs, Kim and Greg’s Wedding, Wonderful Roommates, The Rec, Rock Climbing, TESOL classes, International Students, New Friends, Old Friends, Witney Dining Center, Detoit Mission Trip, Summer Projects (Tahoe and Boulder), Tripple Bunk, Pranks, Long Walks, Clock Tower, “I agree with Dan” outreach, Evangelism, Blimpy Subs, Easter Week OUtreaches, Bible Studies, Praying in the studies with Nat…and LOTS MORE!  I love thinking back to where I was and now who I have become in Christ.  I was such a baby Christian!  I still am in some ways…God is so good.


Finally did all the paperwork to get my Wisconsin Teaching License!  Praise the Lord…it should only take 8 weeks, I am praying for 4!



Last night I drove to Sparta for a Bible study with Stacy and Tim’s crew…they are doing the Truth Project!  Talk about divine appointment, I have been wanting to hear more about this study after viewing the promo video.  It is amazing material.  NOt your typical fluffy stuff…serious, hardcore, intellectual study about our Creator.  I believe it is important to know the Word of God first and also to understand a little bit about science…even though it is a challenge for my mind to grasp some of the science, I truly desire to learn more about intelligent design and how our bodies have been formed.  It is truly a wonder!  He is truly a wonder!



Campus Crusade has a weekly meeting on Thursday nights, I am never in town on a Thursday, until this week!  So, I went to the meeting after the above Bible study.  It was great!  My old friend/acquaintance TJ spoke (he is now interning with CCC) about living in the Kingdom of the World, but opperating under the Kingdom of God.  Talk about a right on time word!  Thanks TJ for bringing it last night.  I am praying about our connection (Two Rivers/Cairo) with the La Crosse saints, and in particular Campus Crusade.  We will see what the Father unfolds.


After that hung out with a good friend, good chats, good laughs, good fun.


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