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SMG: 13 (or something like that) February 5, 2009

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I am not really sure what day I am on…does it really matter?  Everyday has been an abundance of surprises, it is hard to keep up.







To give a recap of the last few days…

(Yeah, I really like linear bullet points and numbers, I am a dork and that’s why I am going to be a math teacher…lol)

  • Southern IL Call Jan. 31st was wonderful….except I was puking my guts out sick. 😦   On the drive there I started to feel queezy…knew it was spiritual attack.  Thought, okay, I know something is about to happen.  I got there and TR team was leading worship with a new addition – STACY!  I was so proud of my roommate for taking the plunge and getting up there on stage to help lead worship.  They seriously looked and sounded like a different team to me…more mature and strong in the Spirit.  AMEN!  I wasn’t supposed to be up there, even though I wanted to be.  I couldn’t even do anything.  I was just laying there with a pillow under my head at the front of the room.  They started doing some rapid fire (quick and short) prayers for the purging of sexual sin and refinement, repentance, and purity.  I started really feeling it…like I was southern IL feeling the purging.  Melissa came over to me to pray…she prayed what I felt the Lord was putting on my heart (that I didn’t tell her).  I needed to go throw up…asked Melissa to take my prayer time on the mic, she did and talk about POWERHOUSE!  Praise God for new positions in intercession.  Normally I would have loved to be up front leading worhship and praying on the mic…instead I was throwing up sin. 
  • Jan. 31st was my last official day as a prayer missionary with TR…of course I am still a prayer missionary, just hired by the school.  Just found out my first day is MARCH 3rd!  ONe month away friends and I will be teaching!  PTL!  They have the ISAT test the first week so it will just be proctoring and praying…
  • I stayed home to rest, even though I wanted to be on the road on the 1st…it was good, real good.  I was able to hang with my staff for a bit, rest, sleep.  PS  I woke up feeling almost 100 percent.  Nice!
  • Was able to attend Dr. Kinder’s going away party.  He is a friend of ours from the community/neighbor of our old office.  The school building we opperated from (ST. Joe’s) was actually in his yard…his family lives in the old convent.  THe party was inspirational, I was encouraged by his testimony and faith.  He shared miracles that happened at the clinic.
  • Next stop…Rockford, IL.  I was able to chill a bit and visit my good friend Jill.  Her husband Matt was at work, so bummer I didn’t get to see him.  I did get to spend a little time with their two precious “adopted” children.  We even prayed together.  Her little girl kept asking me, “Heather…pray for ME!”  I love it!
  • Now I am in La Crosse, WI (where I graduated from college).  It is so nice being back here for more than two seconds.  Usually it is a hit and run type deal, maybe squeeze in church.  I am here for a few days visiting friends and staying with Bethany.  Such a blessing!  God has done so much in my life since being here.  This is where I met my first love…JESUS! 
  • I already had a TON of divine appointments since arriving.  Met a couple gals in the student center who are reading Passion and Purity…we spoke about the Elliots relationship and prayed together…they are involved with Campus Crusade, which is the ministry I was very involved with when a student here.
  • Visited The Salvation Army, which is where I worked for two years while in college as the Director of Youth Ministries…learned a TON about the culture of poverty.  Anyway, most of the peeps I worked with are now gone, but some are still there!  I was able to connect with three of them today…talk about a CELEBRATION!   I have some special memories with them…thank you Jesus. 
  • Went to Panera…another appointment.  A guy from Cornerstone Church (which I guess is where a lot of my friends from The Salvation Army are now attending) who is a surgeon who actually went on a mission trip to Haiti with my roommate back in college!  Talk about CRAZY!  Lots of connections there.
  • Tonight I am going to Bible Study with Bethany…more fellowship with college friends and new friends.  Looking forward to that.
  • Connected with old roommates mom who works on campus…she has TONS of fun stories from when she attended college here at good ol’ UW – L and was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ.  There was a mini-revival that happened one summer when she was obedient and stayed back instead of going on summer project.  The Lord spoke to her heart about a summer project in La Crosse! 
  • Met up with my good friend Genny, who co-pioneered and lead the Awakening Dance Team on campus with me.   She is now working for this amazing photography studio which is owned by another college friend.  I am so proud of them!  Mueller Photography does QUALITY work, you should check them out for your wedding…
  • FREE BOOKS – that I actually wanted from the UW bookstore.  They have a rental service (no fees for books, that’s why I love UW schools!) and give away old publications they are no longer using.
  • FREE FOOD – from The Salvation Army
  • Had a wonderful conversation with a close friend who just returned from Korea (for her second trip teaching at a Christian University).  What a sweet friend!  I look forward to reconnecting in person Asha!

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