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SMG: 6 January 26, 2009

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Closing of the conference…mixed emotions.  More than emotion, the Spirit was breathing on us.


The women have been brought to a deeper place of resting and trusting and desiring Jesus.  They have committed to BE REAL with each other outside of conferences.  They have spoken of a desire to start a prayer group!  Hallelujah!  Answered prayers on our end!


Kristy and Sharon were a powerhouse as they closed the conference.  I was propelled into a greater place of obedience and love for Jesus. 


Stacy shared her testimony…WOW!  She is a miracle!  I hope to post bits of each of these ladies testimonies very soon!  I am blessed to have such an amazing woman as my best friend, roommate, sister, and co-worker of FIVE years…we joke about being married. 



Ummmm…what else.  Tons of stuff!  We were given spa treatments before we left.  I was desperately jealous to get a message.  I didn’t deserve it and had just gotten one the week prior.  Talk about abundant surprises!  haha.  Melanie has the magic touch….probably an hours worth of work…that’s what I’m talking about.  Thank you ladies for being such servant hearts the WHOLE weekend as you lead this extravaganza. 



Presents were given…Man I was starting to get embarrassed about all the attention.  We are used to Cairo…no attention…place of hiddenness in the prayer room and ministry…we aren’t a big deal.  I know, there is truth to that, but also lies.  The Lord thinks we are ALL a big deal.  This is revelation that is coming in the process of praying for “famous” people.  It’s like the popular kids in high school, but they are popular to the WHOLE WORLD.  WHo cares?  We are all popular in the Kingdom!  haha.  Anyway, I have to get over that before I head into HOllywood.  I mean, come on…I can’t freak out when the Lord asks me to deliver a message/prayer to Janet Jackson.  I got a special present that meant a whole lot to me and Jesus. 




Lunch at Chipotle…one of my favs….on TR…Thanks Jesus!  I didn’t want to spend ANY money this weekend and have not!  Yeah!


Reflections while driving home with the ladies…how much we have grown in the past 4 years of being together (GreaterWOrks/Two Rivers)…we ARE different people.  There was such an authority while we shared our testimonies…Jesus has VICTORY!  Of course we are still works in process, but in the Master Artist’s hands.


There is possible music connection coming up…I’ll let it be a surprise for you too! 



Possible ministry/outreach event coming up…in the works….hmmmmm….keep guessing. 🙂


Confirmation about some things I have asked the Lord about…ministry, business, future…


Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and STRENGTH!