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SMG: 5 January 25, 2009

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#1)  Our housekeeper at the Clarion Hotel here in good old Branson is a lady named Deborah from Guatemala who is a believer.  I got to pray with her quickly in between fluffing pillows.  Some of you know why this is special to me, if not just send me an email and ask:


#2)  I met a business coach named Deb who is a part of the women’s conference.  Talk about divine appointment.


#3)  This semester I was thinking about taking a class “Lights, Camera, Video”…still uncertain if I will have time to do this on Monday nights, we’ll see.  I am actually learning on the job as I took care of the slides for worship/talks and also recording and sound.  Talk about FUN!  I LOVE multi-tasking!  Thanks Kristy and Heather for the tutoring. 🙂


#4)  I am recognizing MAJOR breakthrough for this church….in so many ways.


#5)  2 Chronicles 1:7-12 A reminder of God’s word to me.


#6)  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  A reminder to ALWAYS be thankful, never stop praying and in all circumstances understand God’s will.


#7)  I was noticing this adorable necklace on my new friend Susie…she told me that it was created by women in Ghana, Africa to raise funds and awareness to their struggle.  Sharon had actually told me about these beads before.  I asked if she had a couple extra I could purchase before doing the fundraiser myself.  No, they are all gone.  A couple hours later Susie and her sister Denise (my new best friend) came up to me with TWO new necklaces from Ghana that they BOTH wanted to give me!  Talk about a surprise from the Lord.  I guess they both went back to their room to grab their necklaces to give to me, not knowing what the other was doing.  Thank you JESUS!


#8)  This weekend I had the privilege of walking with the “Pink Ladies” (my small group).  Talk about humbling, these women have been walking with Jesus for a LONG time, are wives, and mothers…what do I have to offer?  Nothing really, except the Spirit within.  I am amazed at their vulnerability and honesty as they have journeyed together this weekend. 


#9)  Deut. 28


#10)  God reminded me of a dream I had about three years ago…good stuff (1 Corinthians 2:11-12)


#11)  Specific revelation given regarding my marriage to Jesus and my natural marriage.  Bless you sweet Savior.


#12)  I shared 20 min. of testimony with the women at the conference.  Talk about comfortable!  I have never felt SO comfortable speaking in front of a group…that is BREAKTHROUGH!  I actually wasn’t nervous (just a little excited) before I went up…had a LOT OF FUN! 


#13)  Even though the enemy was pulling out all this junk to distract us and pull us away from speaking…all getting really sick before we left, Sharon and Kristy loosing their voices, the technology not working, static on the speakers, no dinner (they scheduled the dinner for Sunday night – too late!)…I’m sure there were other things.  It was almost hilarious, like, what else could happen?!?  So, we just fasted during our worship/testimony time, which was great.  We were more focused on HIm anyway.  Worship without the words on the screen proved to be better anyway…I’ll bring you more than a song…the heart.  Both Sharon and Kristy were able to speak.  We all felt fine and shared our testimonies.  And, our time of worship on Saturday night was POWERFUL!  Had some sweet prayer time over each other too on that night.  Sisters loving each other and praying for each other – physical healing, emotional healing, BREAKTHROUGH for the “impossible” situations in life, and deeper intimacy with Christ.  What more could we ask for?  Thank you Lord, you are always VICTORIOUS!