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SMG: 4 January 24, 2009

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Today there was an ABUNDANCE of surprises…some more personal that will be kept in my journal. Let me break it down for you all. I encourage you to share testimony today! I actually have the opportunity to share mine at this women’s conference (where I am young enough to be most of their daughter’s – talk about HUMBLING).



#1) We have all been really sick prior to coming to Branson…spiritual attack. Even yesterday on the way to Branson, went to McCalister’s to celebrate Sara’s Birthday (which is also something to shout about!). I felt totally nauseous, as did Kristy, Sharon was feeling like her voice was being taken AGAIN. At the restaurant (which is probably one of three in Springfield, MO) Sharon is visiting with the woman who lead the Women’s Retreat LAST YEAR! Yea, talk about a divine appointment. What are the odds?!? Haha… She encouraged Sharon, “Well God MUST have good things in store with ALL this attack, I will pray!”



#2) Ministering and rejoicing over Sara for this is her 28th Birthday. This woman is so special to me, in SO MANY ways. We are very opposite in ways, but share the most important things in common! Here are SOME of the ways that she has been a blessing to me. a) Great listener. b) Compassionate, Selfless, Servant who considers others above herself. c) Self disciplined speech (like I said, I can learn a lot from this woman). d) A true beauty inside and out. e) Taught me guitar and had faith that I could learn even when I wanted to smash my guitar against a wall. f) Faithfulness in the little things. g) Eph. 3:20-21 is about to unfold for this princess Esther!



#3) Staying in my journal.
One thing I can share…the hotel we are staying at has an African theme! Which is so amazing because our whole team has a heart for Africa and will all be going back at different times/different places. I was JUST praying for God to built a bridge from Africa to Cairo! Cairo, Egypt, Africa….Cairo, IL, USA.



#4) A heart to heart talk with one of the leaders from First Free Church. Total openness…prayer…healing…redemption. Similar callings (she is a business owner of a hair salon which sounds appealing – all in God’s time). Prophetic words…confirmation for her…sweet Jesus ministering to both of us.



#5) God speaking to my heart while driving to Branson…LOTS of things. Destiny, future, God’s purpose, holiness, humbled…WOW! Reminders of prophetic words of past. Reminders of His faithfulness. His STORY will always outdo even what I imagine!



#6) Hearing Sara, Sharon and Kristy’s testimonies was overwhelming for me. I mean, I love these ladies and have lived/worked with them for nearly four years. Things were coming out of their mouths that I never heard before. The goodness of our God! He is so faithful to REDEEM all things! Sara shared about provision of her Daddy…I was reminded of His faithful provision for me and our whole team. I’m talkin’ CRAZY stuff! Seeing Sharon and Kristy minister together in the very church Sharon and Gary helped pioneer was too much (also Tami – Sharon’s daughter in law…along with baby Tillman – still in the oven). Sharon had prayed they would all one day minister together…this is just the beginning. The Lord spoke to my heart (and has in the past) that this WILL be a reality with my family too! PTL!



#7) STaying in my journal.


#8) Staying in my journal.


#9) Staying in my journal.


#10) God is really putting the pieces together in my life for things He has called me to. A few I was reflecting on today…
The book(s) that he wants me to write (editor, publisher, printer…all provided for).
The CD(s) he wants me to create (lyrics, music, people, networking, recording, label, distribution, sales, promotion…all coming together).



#11) Reflecting on the goodness of God in the high school…conversations, protection, FAVOR, wisdom, guidance, prayer, blessing, mobilization of the saints, newness, glory…



#12) The hotel room across from us is filled with First Free ladies that are putting on a Spa for some lucky ladies at the conference. They draw names each day for women who will receive a hair cut, message, paraffin wax (hands and feet), or facial. I REALLY wanted a message…but talk about selfish, I just got one last week and I am leading the conference, it isn’t for me. I stopped in to chat…I got a quickie message (from the lady I mentioned in #4). Later that night I got BOTH my feet and hands waxed!  Nice!


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