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My desire is to abide

SMG: 3 January 22, 2009

Filed under: Surprise Me God - Round II — charredsmore @ 4:08 am

In the District Office trying to get all the deets put together for me teaching…couldn’t believe the convo. I was having with these three Christian women. I mean, I have been praying for this stuff for three.5 and NOW it is ALL coming together so easy. It is like an open heaven season in Cairo right now…for real! So much is going down….I love it! I will explain later…too much for right na.

Library said I could donate some Bibles. Can you believe the school library did NOT have a Bible? I wanted to look up Isaiah 61 for a student I was chatting with who “happens” to share the name of this prophet. I believe it is part of his destiny. He is a strong leader in the school and is tempted to leave…I told him to think about it…things are about to change dramatically. Before when I said that I believed it…for a later time. Now, when I say it, I 100 percent believe it for like RIGHT NOW!

On my way to the boys Junior High BB game…next parent meeting with the principals and administrators…finally Bible STudy. A couple students might join me for Bible Study, so that would be a WONDERFUL surprise!

Ministry is just so easy these days…this is how it is supposed to be…just Jesus in us…no striving…just loving. I can dwell here!


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