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SMG: 2 January 21, 2009

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Not only does Cairo have her first African American Mayor…our COUNTRY has her first (1/2) black President! Hallelujah! I am looking forward to the ways God is raising up the African American people in our nation…minorities in general, not just African Americans. Praise the Lord. I am praying for our new leadership and ask the Lord to guide, bless, protect and bring wisdom to Mr. Barack Obama.


Side Note:  Why do we call people born of one Af. Am. parent and one Caucasian parent “black”.  Okay, maybe this is just a Cairo thing.  Or they are referred to as ” mixed”, which totally gets to me.   One of my friends in the community is biracial and has REALLY light skin…I’m talkin’ I can be darker than him if I went on a trip to the Bahamas (which I will – lol)…but he calls himself “black”.  What the hey…what about the other half that is obviously WHITE?  Just forget about that?  I mean, we must be honest with ourselves right?  Not that we need to go around sharing our whole ethnic heritage with the world…you can all let me know your thoughts on this one.  Perhaps it all just depends on where you live, who you talk to…

Currently our team is preparing to lead a Women’s Retreat for First Free Ev. Church in Springfield, MO. The retreat is going to be at a hotel in Branson, MO this weekend. I guess I have never been to a “retreat” at a hotel…usually that would be called a conference. The word retreat brings to mind visions of cabins, the wilderness, rustic, camping, silence, bonfires with worship, smores…that kind of thing. This will be a bit different. It will be good. Gary and Sharon helped pioneer this church way back when…so it is something that has been on Sharon’s heart for a long time! They still have a really good relationship with the church and they support us as missionaries, send short term groups to help out and invite us to stay at their homes when we come to town. They are wonderful brothers and sisters. Praying for the Lord to refresh, encourage, speak, heal, and come real close to these ladies. I know He will…it’s already His desire.


This morning we took time to pray over Kristy and Sharon as they will be doing the bulk of the teaching time. Sara is going to be leading worship with Tami and we are all sharing our testimonies. WOW! There is MUCH POWER in our testimony. Sometimes I forget that this is a weapon against the evil one. Heck YES! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Why do we keep silent when our God had done so MUCH! Saints, tell of His marvelous works! Por favor!


I was blown away at the faithfulness, provision, protection and guidance of our Lord this morning as I heard these beautiful lady’s testimonies once again. Seriously…He has done SO MUCH in each one of us!



I am hoping to actually post bits of their testimonies on my blog….what do you think TR gals? You up for it? Pray on it…I think the people should hear it…haha. For real.


One Response to “SMG: 2”

  1. paulwwalters Says:

    About the italicized: I don’t really think it matters. If one feels like letting their racial makeup define who they are and what group they hang around, then by all means, have at it. I don’t find skin color to matter one bit, aside from determining the sun protection factor of one’s sunscreen (as a redhead you should understand); I think it much more important to focus on the quality of their character and the content of their heart. I also tend to gravitate to people I can learn from. Just my opinion.

    I hope you have a good time at the retreat, I’m still trying to get my mom to go.

    And who’s Tami?

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