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SMG: 1 January 20, 2009

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Today was a doosey…the WHOLE team is sick.  Prime time, right before the women’s retreat this weekend…that we are leading in Branson, MO.  Oh, well, we will be better before Friday!  Amen.

Most of today was doing meetings, office type stuff, catching up with friends, trying NOT to lose my voice.  Someone said I sounded like Yoda…haha.  I did, do, whatever.  Heal me JESUS!  Enough is enough, this thing has been on me for nearly a week.  Yuck.  I am sick of coughing!  Dang, I NEVER get sick, so this is just funny to me.  Plus, I just made a smoothy with blue berries and blackberries…never had trouble before, but my lip is fat!  I feel like Hitch…give me some benedril or something!  haha.  I know that sometimes fuji apples have this effect, but come on…blueberries and blackberries?  I love them.  So, I’ll have to do some research on that jazz.



Anyhoo…as far as the good stuff.  There is ALWAYS good stuff.  I reconnected with some old friends…I’m talkin’ 10 years ago friends from high school.  That was good.  Also, I reconnected with my African American parents.  Yeah, that sounds funny.  I always joke around that a friend in town is my “motha from another colla.”  Funny.  But for real, I do have spiritual parents here in town – Gary and Sharon.  They are amazing…I don’t know what I would do without them.  I would probably be a super independent woman…apart from a team/family trying to make it on my own.  Just imagine an arm hanging out with no body…yea that would be me…totally ineffective for the Kingdom.  We need the BODY.  Okay, back to the rents.  I have another set of parents that are Latino…in California.  I actually got connected to them through a dream, then went out to San Jose and stayed with them…long story, ask me, I’ll tell you.  Finally, I have an African American set of spiritual parents that I met a couple years back at a camp meeting.  They were at this all “white” camp meeting.  It wasn’t meant to be, it just lacked diveristy, like most “church” gatherings (which makes me so sad).  Anyway, we connected right away and prayed over each other.  I saw a vision of them being the bridge between churches, cultures, people groups.  They weren’t just operating as a bridge, they were LAYING their LIVES down to BE the BRIDGE.  That made me admire them even more.  So, tonight we reconnected, after a LONG break.  Busyness…it get’s to all of us. 

Juanita and Archie spoke some really sweet things to me tonight.  I love when Jesus speaks through people like that.  Confirmation.  Peace.  Thank you Lord.  Funny how that works.  


That’s the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Let us give honor and love to our parents, whether you have two or eight!  Love you Moms and Dads!


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  1. paulwwalters Says:

    I hope you feel better!

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