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Surprise Me God…Revisited January 19, 2009

Filed under: Surprise Me God - Round II — charredsmore @ 7:56 pm

This morning I was reading old blogs…

Man, my God is so WONDERFUL!  Seriously, I had not recounted some of the crazy testimonies of healing, deliverance, beauty, and wonder that He has orchestrated in such a long time.  There is POWER in remembrance. We must remember!


As I was reading way back when…January, February, and March of last year I was looking over all the stuff God did while I fasted from 24 and decided to pick up excitement and abundance with Jesus…Surprise Me God Experiment.  I am longing for more.  He continues to pour out.  I neglect to remember or reflect.  Forgive me God.  He already surprises me EVERYDAY…in multiple ways.  I must be a voice of His goodness, His faithfulness, His enduring love…


Surprise me GOD is back on!  Amen.  I am starting today.  I will go until my Birthday (March 31st)…which is exact ally 70 days.  Now, I am doing this experiment, I am NOT sure if I will blog everyday.  That is my intent and I should just take the plunge and say, “Yes, I am committing to updating this blog everyday.”   But, I am not ready for that type of commitment, come on…70 DAYS!  I know, I know, I know that He will come through everyday with cool testimonies, revelation, growth, refinement, provision, healing, deliverance, salvation…you name it.  But, if I commit with my words, I MUST be faithful.  So, we will see my friends.  I don’t like empty promises, giving or receiving.


Let’s see what Day 1 has in store…on a very significant day…Martin Luther King Day and the Inaguration of Mr. Obama as our new President tomorrow.


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