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Running Hard… January 19, 2009

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This makes it official.  Real.  Authentic.  No backing out now.  I’m accountable to all of you reading this. 


I am training for a half marathon.  Yeah, Heather, who “hated” running not long ago is attempting the “impossible!”  Ha!  I have always loved making and reaching goals, whatever they may be.  That’s just me.  I have always loved pushing the limits…sometimes that can be good, sometimes bad.  Forgive me when you have been the brunt of the bad.   I am learning and growing, esp. with my words.  Yikes!  The power of the tongue.  I really need to be careful with my words.  Okay, back to the running…


I love going to the gym, I love working the elliptical, the bike, rollerblading, lifting, aerobics, Billy Blanks, rock climbing, sports…you name it…EXCEPT RUNNING.  I watched my roommate and good friend/-train for a half marathon and celebrated with them when they finished.  It was a marvelous event!  The energy!  I was wishing that I could have been there withthem running through the finish line…even though I hated running at the time.  Haha!  Funny, the different emotions you feel when watching people complete a marathon.  Really, it reminded me of the saints, coming into the Kingdom after a hard life of persevering and constantly choosing life, choosing obedience, choosing Jesus.


This past year I helped the 5th and 6th graders train for a 5K Levee Race in Cairo.  It was incredible to see the students persevere in running and training…hard.  This was a challenge for them.  Most of these students have not seriously committed to anything in their lives…this was a first for them.   Praise God!  They wanted to commit.  They wanted to run, even when it was hard, even when they complained, even when they whined…they did it!  I was INSPIRED!  I ran along with them, a 5K, which was a first for me too!  Before, I couldn’t even make a mile without walking.  Now, I was addicted to running.  I have be a little careful about this one too…with my personality type, I can just plain get addicted to anything…healthy or not.  I prefer to ONLY be addicted to the Holy Spirit these days.  I pray it stays that way.


Back at home over Christmas I reconnected with a friend who is a rockstar triathalete, or at least training to be one.  Super determined and goal oriented.  Helped write out a training plan on a napkin.  I really need to start following it pretty strict if I want to do this thing.  Haha, don’t worry Chris, I am not a total slacker!  So pray for me friends, this endurance thing is hard work.  Espescially when you are busy, out of town, have tons of committments and responsibilities.  It has to be a priority.  When it is a priority (no, of course not the first or even second or third priority) you make movement and progress.  My friends, the gym will be my best friend for a while.  I should start going early in the morning, time with the Lord while running on the treadmill is good stuff.  I’ve even done some church up in there!  For real, they are closed on Sundays, but we have a key (yea, small towns still trust people) so us girls will sometimes hit that up with our ipods full of some worship music, scripture in front of us…pressing in while pressing on.  I keep on keepin’ on!  Yea.  Something like that.  That’s my desire.



Of course there are 100’s of parallels with my spiritual journey…


“Running the race with perserverance.  Run as to win the price, which He has called me Heavenward in Christ Jesus…”


Since moving to Cairo I have known that my life is pretty full of the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22), however a couple biggies are lacking.  A good friend prayed over me regarding a really tough situation, two words came to her, “PATIENCE and PERSERVERANCE.”  Now, it is three and a half years later and another close friend prophesied, “PATIENCE and PERSERVERANCE” over my life.  “These are/will be the cornerstones of my life.”  I nearly dropped the phone.  Are you kidding me?!?  Along with that a vision of running across the finish line with the Olympic rings above my head.  WOW!  Talk about Jesus speaking directly to my HEART!  I love it.  I love Him – Jesus. 



I will reflect and share more on this journey as it unfolds.  It will be a challenge.  But everything worth fighting for usually is.  That’s why it is a battle.  The easy stuff isn’t appreciated as much – ya know?  So, I press on…I run…I keep on…I MUST!


Pray for me on this journey.  Both the marathon and the spiritual journey. 


The predicted (half) Marathon of choice…


Drum roll please……………………………………


Santa Cruz, California

April 19, 2009


I was praying to go back to Cali. for my spring break.  Yes, I will have a spring break, now that I will be teaching (starting in March).  While checking on line, I wanted to do something in the Bay Area…this will be the very last day of my spring break…in a place I almost ended up moving to about four years ago.  Yeah, I always knew I would be moving to California, so I started looking for jobs at different camps.  I had a friend from YMCA Camp St. Croix (where I worked at the time) who had worked for this great camp out there (Santa Cruz).  She suggested I apply.  While in the interview process I was not feelin’ it was for me at the time, although I was drooling at the possibility.  When the job was offered, I politely declined, knowing the Lord had His perfect time.  Now, I know that was His best for me.  I was definitleyNOT ready to head out to Cali.   I was definitley supposed to be in Cairo, IL, the desert.  I needed/still need MUCH refinement.


His perfect time my friends. 


So, really, it’s all kind of a prophetic act…







The race. 

The challenge. 

Running Hard. 



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