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What I NEVER thought I would do…TEACH! January 9, 2009

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So, those of you NOT in the facebook world…

It’s official…I have been invited to join the team of teachers at the high school to teach 7th and 8th grade math finishing the year from March – May…and I SAID YES!

For those who know me, know this is a BIG DEAL. 

Yes I went to the University of WI – La Crosse and graduated with my teaching degree in Elementary/Middle Math…

No, I NEVER thought I would teach in the traditional sense…EVER!  I made that statement clear more than once even while I was in school.  I became a Christian while in college and thought I would be off freedom fighting in Africa or something.  So, I even changed my minor to TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in order to get a “ticket” into other countries.  That didn’t work either, after a couple grammar classes and treeing sentences, this girl was back on the math track.  It just works for me.  I like numbers. 

I thought MAYBE I would work as an Outdooor Educator, oh yea, I did at the YMCA.

I thought MAYBE I would work overseas teaching English…oh yea, I WILL.

I thought NEVER would I teach in a public school, hold on, I AM ABOUT TO!

God seriously has a way of REDEEMING ALL THINGS in our lives ad I am so THANKFUL and EXCITED for this opportunity!


Here’s the short…

Since living in Cairo I have been volunteering in Ms. Hs class (junior high math) for the past three years…usually once or twice a week type of thing.  I wanted to actually USE my degree in SOME way…right mom?!?  haha


I have totally enjoyed my time there, even when the students are completely naugthy (year 1)…

This year they have been AMAZING!  That doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is this girl’s HEART change in the area of EDUCATION in the public schools and OBEDIENCE to the Father.


The thought was stirring on the inside when I heard Ms. H was retired and was already subbing in her own class until the big ISAT tests were done (March)…I thought, “Hold on, they NEED a math teacher, I AM a math teacher…hmmmm.”  Seriously the thought was REALLY scary…I mean, I was NEVER going to teach, and come on, have you been to the Cairo HIgh?  It’s like one of those movies…Dangerous Minds, Freedom Writers, Take the Lead, Lean on Me…okay NOT THAT BAD, but you get the picture…
I told a teammate about Ms. Hs retirement and she blurts, “So, you going to take over the position?”  She had actually forgotten that my DEGREE was in that EXACT area.  I said I was praying with fear and trembling…this was WAY back in August friends!  I would pray, but really didn’t want the assignment, felt a bit like a failure in this area, and didn’t know if I could “handle” this responsibility.


So, I did what I usually do…lay out some major crazy fleeces (not recommended all the time and I have grown in this area too). 


My fleeces before the LORD:

1.  Let the Superintendent invite me to apply.

2.  Let the Principal invite me to apply.

3.  Let Ms. H ASK me to apply.

4.  Let students ask me to apply.

5.  Let me attain a subbing license and try it out and see if it is a good fit.


So, pretty specific and RIDICULOUS, right?  Especially most of them didn’t know my educational background…ha!  BUT, God is faithful and EVERY ONE of those things happened…only one was a bit manipulated from me (with me talking to the Superintendent at a restaurant in town…but HE DID INVITE ME TO APPLY!) 

Okay, okay, even writing this story is getting me excited!


So, I will start mid March and finish the year.


Not sure about next year…def. a possibility in my mind and hear and spirit…the Principal wants to lock me down for the fall…he said,

“You are the woman for the job!  We want you!” 

It’s nice to be wanted (yea, I need to work on this too – sometimes a bit unhealthy…).  He is definitely a Christian and understands being “lead of the Spirit”.  I told him he would have an answer before August…just kidding, before that.


So, pray for me as I enter into this NEW TERRITORY!  It will be fun, exciting, difficult, challenging, adventurous, and so much more. 
I really have no idea.




Thanks for listening friends. 


I love you and thank you for your support on this journey!