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I LOVE SNOW! December 21, 2008

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Four years ago, you never would have heard those three words come out of my mouth…after living in the “south” (yes, I consider So. IL the south) for nearly four years I have gone through some serious with drawls in the snow department.  I never realized how much I love winter sports.  Skiing, sledding, ice skating…bring it!  I miss that stuff.  I miss family type activities.  Now, I am back up north and loving it.  It has been snowing like crazy since I arrived in WI. 


Bethany, Zoe, Hezekiah and I took off for a little sledding escapade.  Talk about FUN!  It brought back memories of my sis and I sledding across the street from our house when we were little.  Running up those hills is always good fun and exercise.  I do miss the snow.  Perhaps I won’t always live in such a warm climate…who knows.  I wonder if the Kingdom has snow…hmmmmm.  I hope I can go downhill skiing and ice skating – maybe do some extra fancy tricks with my redeemed body!